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1.0 (stable)
Command Line Arguments

The table below summarizes DuckDB's command line options. To list all command line options, use the command:

duckdb -help

For a list of dot commands available in the CLI shell, see the Dot Commands page.

Argument Description
-append Append the database to the end of the file
-ascii Set output mode to ascii
-bail Stop after hitting an error
-batch Force batch I/O
-box Set output mode to box
-column Set output mode to column
-cmd COMMAND Run COMMAND before reading stdin
-c COMMAND Run COMMAND and exit
-csv Set output mode to csv
-echo Print commands before execution
-init FILENAME Run the script in FILENAME upon startup (instead of ~/.duckdbrc)
-header Turn headers on
-help Show this message
-html Set output mode to HTML
-interactive Force interactive I/O
-json Set output mode to json
-line Set output mode to line
-list Set output mode to list
-markdown Set output mode to markdown
-newline SEP Set output row separator. Default: \n
-nofollow Refuse to open symbolic links to database files
-noheader Turn headers off
-no-stdin Exit after processing options instead of reading stdin
-nullvalue TEXT Set text string for NULL values. Default: empty string
-quote Set output mode to quote
-readonly Open the database read-only
-s COMMAND Run COMMAND and exit
-separator SEP Set output column separator to SEP. Default: |
-stats Print memory stats before each finalize
-table Set output mode to table
-unsigned Allow loading of unsigned extensions
-version Show DuckDB version
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