Timestamp Functions

This section describes functions and operators for examining and manipulating timestamp values.

Function Description Example Result
age(timestamp, timestamp) Subtract arguments, resulting in the time difference between the two timestamps age(TIMESTAMP '2001-04-10', TIMESTAMP '1992-09-20') 8 years 6 mons 20 days
age(timestamp) Subtract from current_date age(TIMESTAMP '1992-09-20') 26 years 9 mons 9 days
current_date Current date (start of current transaction)    
current_time Current time (start of current transaction)    
current_timestamp Current date and time (start of current transaction)    
date_trunc(part, timestamp) Truncate to specified precision date_trunc('hour', TIMESTAMP '1992-09-20 20:38:40') 1992-09-20 20:00:00
epoch_ms(ms) Converts ms since epoch to a timestamp epoch(0) 1970-01-01 00:00:00
extract(field from timestamp) Get subfield from a timestamp extract('hour' FROM TIMESTAMP '1992-09-20 20:38:48') 20
now() Current date and time (start of current transaction)    
strftime(timestamp, format) Converts timestamp to string according to format (see Date Format) strftime(timestamp '1992-01-01 20:38:40', '%a, %-d %B %Y - %I:%M:%S %p') Wed, 1 January 1992 - 08:38:40 PM
strptime(text, format) Converts string to timestamp according to format (see Date Format) strptime('Wed, 1 January 1992 - 08:38:40 PM', '%a, %-d %B %Y - %I:%M:%S %p') 1992-01-01 20:38:40