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Typecasting is an operation that converts a value in one particular data type to the closest corresponding value in another data type. Like other SQL engines, DuckDB supports both implicit and explicit typecasting.

The following matrix describes which conversions are supported. When implicit casting is allowed, it implies that explicit casting is also possible.

Typecasting matrix

Even though a casting operation is supported based on the source and target data type, it does not necessarily mean the cast operation will succeeed at runtime.

Casting operations that result in loss of precision are typically allowed. For example, it is possible to cast a numeric type with fractional digits like DECIMAL, FLOAT or DOUBLE to an integral type like INTEGER:


Casting operations that would result in a value overflow are typically not allowed. For example, the value 999 is too large to be represented by the TINYINT data type. Therefore, an attempt to cast that value to that type results in a runtime error:


So even though the cast operation from INTEGER to TINYINT is supported, it is not possible for this particular value.

The VARCHAR type (also available under the aliases TEXT and STRING) acts like an univeral target: any arbitrary value of any arbitrary type can always be cast to the VARCHAR type. Casting from VARCHAR to another data type is generally supported, but may fail at runtime if DuckDB cannot figure out how to parse and convert the provided value to the target data type.

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Last modified: 2024-02-26