Utility Functions
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Utility Functions

The functions below are difficult to categorize into specific function types and are broadly useful.

Function Description Example Result
alias(column) Return the name of the column alias(column1) 'column1'
checkpoint(database) Synchronize WAL with file for (optional) database without interrupting transactions. checkpoint(my_db) success boolean
coalesce(expr, ...) Return the first expression that evaluates to a non-NULL value. Accepts 1 or more parameters. Each expression can be a column, literal value, function result, or many others. coalesce(NULL, NULL, 'default_string') 'default_string'
constant_or_null(arg1, arg2) If arg2 is NULL, return NULL. Otherwise, return arg1. constant_or_null(42, NULL) NULL
count_if(x) Returns 1 if x is true or a non-zero number count_if(42) 1
error(message) Throws the given error message error('access_mode')  
ifnull(expr, other) A two-argument version of coalesce ifnull(NULL, 'default_string') 'default_string'
nullif(a, b) Return null if a = b, else return a. Equivalent to CASE WHEN a=b THEN NULL ELSE a END. nullif(1+1, 2) NULL
current_schema() Return the name of the currently active schema. Default is main. current_schema() 'main'
current_schemas(boolean) Return list of schemas. Pass a parameter of true to include implicit schemas. current_schemas(true) ['temp', 'main', 'pg_catalog']
current_setting('setting_name') Return the current value of the configuration setting current_setting('access_mode') 'automatic'
currval('sequence_name') Return the current value of the sequence. Note that nextval must be called at least once prior to calling currval. currval('my_sequence_name') 1
force_checkpoint(database) Synchronize WAL with file for (optional) database interrupting transactions. force_checkpoint(my_db) success boolean
gen_random_uuid() Alias of uuid. Return a random uuid similar to this: eeccb8c5-9943-b2bb-bb5e-222f4e14b687. gen_random_uuid() various
hash(value) Returns an integer with the hash of the value hash('🦆') 2595805878642663834
icu_sort_key(string, collator) Surrogate key used to sort special characters according to the specific locale. Collator parameter is optional. Valid only when ICU extension is installed. icu_sort_key('ö', 'DE') 460145960106
md5(string) Return an md5 one-way hash of the string. md5('123') '202cb962ac59075b964b07152d234b70'
nextval('sequence_name') Return the following value of the sequence. nextval('my_sequence_name') 2
pg_typeof(expression) Returns the lower case name of the data type of the result of the expression. For PostgreSQL compatibility. pg_typeof('abc') 'varchar'
repeat_row(varargs, num_rows) Returns a table with num_rows rows, each containing the fields defined in varargs repeat_row(1, 2, 'foo', num_rows = 3) 3 rows of 1, 2, 'foo'
stats(expression) Returns a string with statistics about the expression. Expression can be a column, constant, or SQL expression. stats(5) '[Min: 5, Max: 5][Has Null: false]'
txid_current() Returns the current transaction’s ID (a BIGINT). It will assign a new one if the current transaction does not have one already. txid_current() various
typeof(expression) Returns the name of the data type of the result of the expression. typeof('abc') 'VARCHAR'
uuid() Return a random uuid similar to this: eeccb8c5-9943-b2bb-bb5e-222f4e14b687. uuid() various
version() Return the currently active version of DuckDB in this format version() various

Utility Table Functions

A table function is used in place of a table in a FROM clause.

Function Description Example
glob(search_path) Return filenames found at the location indicated by the search_path in a single column named file. The search_path may contain glob pattern matching syntax. glob('*')
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