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1.0 (stable)
jemalloc Extension

The jemalloc extension replaces the system's memory allocator with jemalloc. Unlike other DuckDB extensions, the jemalloc extension is statically linked and cannot be installed or loaded during runtime.

Operating System Support

The availability of the jemalloc extension depends on the operating system.


The Linux version of DuckDB ships with the jemalloc extension by default.

DuckDB v0.10.1 introduced a change: on ARM64 architecture, DuckDB is shipped without jemalloc, while on x86_64 (AMD64) architectures, it is shipped with jemalloc.

To disable the jemalloc extension, build DuckDB from source and set the SKIP_EXTENSIONS flag as follows:

GEN=ninja SKIP_EXTENSIONS="jemalloc" make


The macOS version of DuckDB does not ship with the jemalloc extension but can be built from source to include it:



On Windows, this extension is not available.