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Blob Functions

This section describes functions and operators for examining and manipulating blob values.

Function Description Example Result
blob || blob Blob concatenation '\xAA'::BLOB || '\xBB'::BLOB \xAA\xBB
decode(blob) Convert blob to varchar. Fails if blob is not valid UTF-8. decode('\xC3\xBC'::BLOB) ü
encode(string) Convert varchar to blob. Converts UTF-8 characters into literal encoding. encode('my_string_with_ü') my_string_with_\xC3\xBC
octet_length(blob) Number of bytes in blob octet_length('\xAA\xBB'::BLOB) 2
read_blob(source) Returns the content from source (a filename, a list of filenames, or a glob pattern) as a BLOB. See the read_blob guide for more details. read_blob('hello.bin') hello\x0A
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Last modified: 2024-03-03