Comparison Operators

The table below shows the standard comparison operators. Whenever either of the input arguments is NULL, the output of the comparison is NULL.

Operator Description Example Result
< less than 2 < 3 TRUE
> greater than 2 > 3 FALSE
<= less than or equal to 2 <= 3 TRUE
>= greater than or equal to 4 >= NULL NULL
= equal NULL = NULL NULL
<> or != not equal 2 <> 2 FALSE


Besides the stanadrd comparison operators there are also the BETWEEN and IS (NOT) NULL operators. These behave much like operators, but have special syntax mandated by the SQL standard. They are shown in the table below.

Predicate Description
a BETWEEN x AND y equivalent to a >= x AND a <= y
a NOT BETWEEN x AND y equivalent to a < x OR a > y
expression IS NULL TRUE if expression is NULL, FALSE otherwise
expression ISNULL alias for IS NULL (non-standard)
expression IS NOT NULL FALSE if expression is NULL, TRUE otherwise
expression NOTNULL alias for IS NOT NULL (non-standard)