TPC-H Extension
Version dev

The tpch extension implements the data generator and queries for the TPC-H benchmark.

Installing and Loading

The tpch extension is shipped by default in some DuckDB builds, otherwise it will be transparently autoloaded on first use. If you would like to install and load it manually, run:

LOAD tpch;


Generating Data

To generate data for scale factor 1, use:

CALL dbgen(sf = 1);

Running a Query

To run a query, e.g., query 4, use:

PRAGMA tpch(4);
│ o_orderpriority │ order_count │
│     varchar     │    int64    │
│ 1-URGENT        │       21188 │
│ 2-HIGH          │       20952 │
│ 3-MEDIUM        │       20820 │
│ 4-NOT SPECIFIED │       21112 │
│ 5-LOW           │       20974 │

Listing Queries

To list all 22 queries, run:

FROM tpch_queries();

This function returns a table with columns query_nr and query.

Listing Expected Answers

To produced the expected results for all queries on scale factors 0.01, 0.1, and 1, run:

FROM tpch_answers();

This function returns a table with columns query_nr, scale_factor, and answer.

Data Generator Parameters

The data generator function dbgen has the following parameters:

Name Type Description
catalog VARCHAR Target catalog
children UINTEGER Number of partitions (max. 1000)
overwrite BOOLEAN (Not used)
sf DOUBLE Scale factor
step UINTEGER Defines the partition to be generated, indexed from 0 to children - 1. Must be defined when the children arguments is defined
suffix VARCHAR Append the suffix to table names


The tpch({query_id}) function runs a fixed TPC-H query with pre-defined bind parameters (a.k.a. substitution parameters). It is not possible to change the query parameters using the tpch extension.

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