20 000 Stars on GitHub

The DuckDB Team2024-06-22

DuckDB reached 20 000 stars today on GitHub. We would like to thank our amazing community of users and contributors.

To this day, we continue to be amazed by the adoption of DuckDB. We hit the previous milestone, 10 000 stars just a little over a year ago. Since then, the growth of stars has been slowly increasing, until the release of version 1.0.0 in early June gave the boost that propelled the star count to 20 000.

Star History of DuckDB
(image source: star-history.com)

What Else Happened in June?

The last few weeks since the release were quite eventful:

  1. MotherDuck, a DuckDB-based cloud warehouse, just reached General Availability last week. Congratulations to the team on the successful release!

  2. We added support to DuckDB for Delta Lake, an open-source lakehouse framework. This feature was described in Sam Ansmink's blog post and Hannes Mühleisen's keynote segment at the DATA+AI summit.

    With extensions for both Delta Lake and Iceberg, DuckDB can now read the two most popular data lake formats.

  3. We ran a poster campaign for DuckDB in Amsterdam:

    Big Data on your Laptop Poster in Amsterdam
  4. DuckDB Labs sponsored the Hack4Her event, a female-focused student hackathon in the Netherlands. During the DuckDB Challenge of the event, teams built a community-driven app providing safe walking routes in Amsterdam using DuckDB and its geospatial library.

    Hack4Her Event

Looking Ahead

There are several interesting events lined up for the summer.

First, two books about DuckDB are expected to be released:

  • Getting Started with DuckDB, authored by Simon Aubury and Ned Letcher, and published by Packt Publishing
  • DuckDB in Action, authored by Mark Needham, Michael Hunger and Michael Simons, and published by Manning Publications

Second, we are holding our next user community meeting, DuckCon #5 in Seattle on August 15 with the regular "State of the Duck" update as well as three regular talks and several lightning talks.

DuckCon #5 Splashscreen

Third, we will improve DuckDB's extension ecosystem and streamline the publication process for community extensions.

Finally, we have a series of blog posts lined up for publication. These will discuss DuckDB's performance over time, the results of the user survey we conducted during the spring, DuckDB's storage format, and many more. Stay tuned!

We are looking forward to next part of our journey and, of course, the next 10 000 stars on GitHub.