10 000 Stars on GitHub

Mark Raasveldt and Hannes Mühleisen2023-05-12

Today, DuckDB reached 10 000 stars on GitHub. We would like to pause for a second to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to DuckDB and of course all its users. When we started working on DuckDB back in 2018, we would have never dreamt of getting this kind of adoption in such a short time.

From those brave souls who were early adopters of DuckDB back in 2019 to the many today, we are happy you're part of our community. Thank you for your feedback, feature requests and for your enthusiasm in adopting new features and integrations. Thank you for helping each other on our Discord server or in GitHub discussions. Thank you for spreading the word, too.

We also would like to extend special thanks to the DuckDB foundation supporters, who through their generous donations keep DuckDB independent.

For us, the maintainers of DuckDB, the past few years have also been quite eventful: We spun off from the research group where DuckDB originated to a successful company with close to 20 employees and many excellent partnerships.

We are very much looking forward to what the future will hold for DuckDB. Things are looking bright!

Wilbur the duck approves of all those stars