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DuckDB Foundation

Our Purpose

The independent non-profit DuckDB Foundation safeguards the long-term maintenance and development of DuckDB. The foundation holds much of the intellectual property (IP) of the project. The DuckDB Foundation is funded by charitable donations. All collected funds go directly to DuckDB development. A number of organizations have thankfully chosen to support the DuckDB project.

Membership Levels

Join the DuckDB Foundation to support DuckDB's ongoing development and gain visibility for your organization.


Donations of 10,000 EUR and more

Get in Touch
  • DuckDB T-shirts for your team
  • Logo displayed on the website


Donations of 100,000 EUR and more

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  • DuckDB hoodies for your team
  • Prominently placed logo on website


Current foundation supporters that have chosen to be publicly named.

Gold Supporters

  • Voltron Data
  • MotherDuck
  • Posit

Silver Supporters

  • Mode
  • Hex
  • Watershed
  • Relational AI
  • Rill
  • Omni
  • Liquid Analytics
  • Summer Forever
  • Hugging Face
  • BoilingData
  • Overture Maps Foundation

Foundation Board

Hannes Mühleisen
Mark Raasveldt
Peter Boncz