DuckDB Foundation

The independent non-profit DuckDB Foundation safeguards the long-term maintenance and development of DuckDB. The foundation holds much of the intellectual property (IP) of the project. A number of organizations have thankfully chosen to support the DuckDB project through membership in the DuckDB user association. Membership in the DuckDB user association is obtained by donating to the DuckDB foundation at the levels outlined below. DuckDB user association members collectively determine the communities' proposals regarding the DuckDB development roadmap which the DuckDB foundation will take into account going forward.

All collected funds go directly to DuckDB development.
The foundation is non-profit.

Membership levels


€ 10.000 EUR / Year

Have a say in where DuckDB is going

Get in touch
  • Access to internal roadmap discussion forum
  • Voting rights for DuckDB development roadmap
  • Company logo on the DuckDB Website if so desired
  • Extra visibility for bug reports on the issue tracker
  • DuckDB T-Shirts for your team


€ 100.000 EUR / Year

Safeguard your investment

Get in touch
  • All of Silver level plus
  • Pre-eminent role in DuckDB development discussions
  • Private and direct communication with the DuckDB developers on technical questions
  • Expert advice on schema and query optimization and API usage
  • Integration of test cases with private queries or data into the DuckDB CI (We guarantee we will never break those tests)
  • Preferential conditions when contracting with DuckDB Labs
  • DuckDB Hoodies
For any other inquiries contact the DuckDB foundation at


Current foundation supporters that have chosen to be publicly named.

Gold membership
  • Voltron Data
  • Relational AI
  • Mode
  • MotherDuck
  • Posit
Silver membership
  • Hex
  • Watershed
  • Rill
  • Omni
  • Liquid Analytics
  • Summer Forever

Foundation Board

Hannes Mühleisen
Mark Raasveldt
Peter Boncz