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Gitignore for DuckDB

If you work in a Git repository, you may want to configure your Gitignore to disable tracking files created by DuckDB. These potentially include the DuckDB database, write ahead log, temporary files.

Sample Gitignore Files

In the following, we present sample Gitignore configuration snippets for DuckDB.

Ignore Temporary Files but Keep Database

This configuration is useful if you would like to keep the database file in the version control system:


Ignore Database and Temporary Files

If you would like to ignore both the database and the temporary files, extend the Gitignore file to include the database file. The exact Gitignore configuration to achieve this depends on the extension you use for your DuckDB databases (.duckdb, .db, .ddb, etc.). For example, if your DuckDB files use the .duckdb extension, add the following lines to your .gitignore file:

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Last modified: 2024-07-22