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1.0 (stable)
Import from Apache Arrow

CREATE TABLE AS and INSERT INTO can be used to create a table from any query. We can then create tables or insert into existing tables by referring to referring to the Apache Arrow object in the query. This example imports from an Arrow Table, but DuckDB can query different Apache Arrow formats as seen in the SQL on Arrow guide.

import duckdb
import pyarrow as pa

# connect to an in-memory database
my_arrow = pa.Table.from_pydict({'a': [42]})

# create the table "my_table" from the DataFrame "my_arrow"
duckdb.sql("CREATE TABLE my_table AS SELECT * FROM my_arrow")

# insert into the table "my_table" from the DataFrame "my_arrow"
duckdb.sql("INSERT INTO my_table SELECT * FROM my_arrow")
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Last modified: 2024-06-21