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1.0 (stable)
Executing SQL in Python

SQL queries can be executed using the duckdb.sql function.

import duckdb
duckdb.sql("SELECT 42").show()

By default this will create a relation object. The result can be converted to various formats using the result conversion functions. For example, the fetchall method can be used to convert the result to Python objects.

results = duckdb.sql("SELECT 42").fetchall()

Several other result objects exist. For example, you can use df to convert the result to a Pandas DataFrame.

results = duckdb.sql("SELECT 42").df()
 0  42

By default, a global in-memory connection will be used. Any data stored in files will be lost after shutting down the program. A connection to a persistent database can be created using the connect function.

After connecting, SQL queries can be executed using the sql command.

con = duckdb.connect("file.db")
con.sql("CREATE TABLE integers (i INTEGER)")
con.sql("INSERT INTO integers VALUES (42)")
con.sql("SELECT * FROM integers").show()
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Last modified: 2024-07-16