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1.0 (stable)
DuckDB Environment

DuckDB provides a number of functions and PRAGMA options to retrieve information on the running DuckDB instance and its environment.


The version() function returns the version number of DuckDB.

SELECT version();

Using a PRAGMA:

PRAGMA version;
library_version source_id
v1.0.0 1f98600c2c


The platform information consists of the operating system, system architecture, and, optionally, the compiler. The platform is used when installing extensions. To retrieve the platform, use the following PRAGMA:

PRAGMA platform;

On macOS, running on Apple Silicon architecture, the result is:


On Windows, running on an AMD64 architecture, the platform is windows_amd64. On CentOS 7, running on the AMD64 architecture, the platform is linux_amd64_gcc4. On Ubuntu 22.04, running on the ARM64 architecture, the platform is linux_arm64.


To get a list of DuckDB extension and their status (e.g., loaded, installed), use the duckdb_extensions() function:

FROM duckdb_extensions();

Meta Table Functions

DuckDB has the following built-in table functions to obtain metadata about available catalog objects:

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