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0.10 (stable)
TPC-DS Extension

The tpcds extension implements the data generator and queries for the TPC-DS benchmark.

Installing and Loading

The tpcds extension will be transparently autoloaded on first use from the official extension repository. If you would like to install and load it manually, run:

INSTALL tpcds;
LOAD tpcds;


To generate data for scale factor 1, use:

CALL dsdgen(sf = 1);

To run a query, e.g., query 8, use:

PRAGMA tpcds(8);
s_store_name sum(ss_net_profit)
able -10354620.18
ation -10576395.52
bar -10625236.01
ese -10076698.16
ought -10994052.78


The tpchds(⟨query_id⟩) function runs a fixed TPC-DS query with pre-defined bind parameters (a.k.a. substitution parameters). It is not possible to change the query parameters using the tpcds extension.


The tpcds extension is part of the main DuckDB repository.

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Last modified: 2024-04-22