Querying Parquet Metadata
Version 0.9.1

Parquet Metadata

The parquet_metadata function can be used to query the metadata contained within a Parquet file, which reveals various internal details of the Parquet file such as the statistics of the different columns. This can be useful for figuring out what kind of skipping is possible in Parquet files, or even to obtain a quick overview of what the different columns contain.

SELECT * FROM parquet_metadata('test.parquet');

Below is a table of the columns returned by parquet_metadata.

Field Type
file_name VARCHAR
row_group_id BIGINT
row_group_num_rows BIGINT
row_group_num_columns BIGINT
row_group_bytes BIGINT
column_id BIGINT
file_offset BIGINT
num_values BIGINT
path_in_schema VARCHAR
stats_min VARCHAR
stats_max VARCHAR
stats_null_count BIGINT
stats_distinct_count BIGINT
stats_min_value VARCHAR
stats_max_value VARCHAR
compression VARCHAR
encodings VARCHAR
index_page_offset BIGINT
dictionary_page_offset BIGINT
data_page_offset BIGINT
total_compressed_size BIGINT
total_uncompressed_size BIGINT

Parquet Schema

The parquet_schema function can be used to query the internal schema contained within a Parquet file. Note that this is the schema as it is contained within the metadata of the Parquet file. If you want to figure out the column names and types contained within a Parquet file it is easier to use DESCRIBE.

-- fetch the column names and column types
DESCRIBE SELECT * FROM 'test.parquet';
-- fetch the internal schema of a parquet file
SELECT * FROM parquet_schema('test.parquet');

Below is a table of the columns returned by parquet_schema.

Field Type
file_name VARCHAR
type_length VARCHAR
repetition_type VARCHAR
num_children BIGINT
converted_type VARCHAR
scale BIGINT
precision BIGINT
field_id BIGINT
logical_type VARCHAR
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