DuckDB with Polars
Version 0.9.0

Polars is a DataFrames library built in Rust with bindings for Python and Node.js. It uses Apache Arrow’s columnar format as its memory model. DuckDB can read Polars DataFrames and convert query results to Polars DataFrames. It does this internally using the efficient Apache Arrow integration. Note that the pyarrow library must be installed for the integration to work.


pip install duckdb
pip install -U 'polars[pyarrow]'

Polars to DuckDB

DuckDB can natively query Polars DataFrames by referring to the name of Polars DataFrames as they exist in the current scope.

import duckdb
import polars as pl

df = pl.DataFrame(
        "A": [1, 2, 3, 4, 5],
        "fruits": ["banana", "banana", "apple", "apple", "banana"],
        "B": [5, 4, 3, 2, 1],
        "cars": ["beetle", "audi", "beetle", "beetle", "beetle"],
duckdb.sql('SELECT * FROM df').show()

DuckDB to Polars

DuckDB can output results as Polars DataFrames using the .pl() result-conversion method.

df = duckdb.sql("""
SELECT 1 AS id, 'banana' AS fruit
SELECT 2, 'apple'
SELECT 3, 'mango'""").pl()

To learn more about Polars, feel free to explore their Python API Reference!

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