Iceberg Extension
Version 0.9.0

The iceberg extension is a loadable extension that implements support for the Apache Iceberg format.


To test the examples, download the file and unzip it.

SELECT count(*) FROM iceberg_scan('data/iceberg/lineitem_iceberg', ALLOW_MOVED_PATHS=true);
SELECT * FROM iceberg_snapshots('data/iceberg/lineitem_iceberg', ALLOW_MOVED_PATHS=true);
1	3776207205136740581	2023-02-15 15:07:54.504	0	lineitem_iceberg/metadata/snap-3776207205136740581-1-cf3d0be5-cf70-453d-ad8f-48fdc412e608.avro
2	7635660646343998149	2023-02-15 15:08:14.73	0	lineitem_iceberg/metadata/snap-7635660646343998149-1-10eaca8a-1e1c-421e-ad6d-b232e5ee23d3.avro

The ALLOW_MOVED_PATHS option ensures that some path resolution is performed, which allows scanning Iceberg tables that are moved.

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