Version 0.8.1

Functions are …

Query functions

duckdb_functions table function shows the list of functions currently built into the system.

D select distinct on(function_name) function_name, function_type, return_type, parameters, parameter_types from duckdb_functions() where function_type='scalar' limit 10;
 function_name   function_type  return_type         parameters                   parameter_types            
 log10           scalar         DOUBLE       [col0]                    [DOUBLE]                             
 mod             scalar         TINYINT      [col0, col1]              [TINYINT, TINYINT]                   
 date_diff       scalar         BIGINT       [col0, col1, col2]        [VARCHAR, DATE, DATE]                
 writefile       scalar         VARCHAR      []                        []                                   
 regexp_replace  scalar         VARCHAR      [col0, col1, col2, col3]  [VARCHAR, VARCHAR, VARCHAR, VARCHAR] 
 age             scalar         INTERVAL     [col0]                    [TIMESTAMP]                          
 age             scalar         INTERVAL     [col0, col1]              [TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMP]               
 datediff        scalar         BIGINT       [col0, col1, col2]        [VARCHAR, DATE, DATE]                
 map             scalar         MAP          []                        []                                   
 year            scalar         BIGINT       [col0]                    [TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE]           

Currently the description and parameter names of functions are still missing.


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