Version 0.8.1

DuckDB has a number of configuration options that can be used to change the behavior of the system.
The configuration options can be set using either the SET statement or the PRAGMA statement. They can also be reset to their original values using the RESET statement.


-- set the memory limit of the system to 10GB
SET memory_limit='10GB';
-- configure the system to use 1 thread
SET threads TO 1;
-- enable printing of a progress bar during long-running queries
SET enable_progress_bar=true;
-- set the default null order to NULLS LAST
PRAGMA default_null_order='nulls_last';

-- show a list of all available settings
SELECT * FROM duckdb_settings();

-- return the current value of a specific setting
-- this example returns 'automatic'
SELECT current_setting('access_mode');

-- reset the memory limit of the system back to the default
RESET memory_limit;

Configuration Reference

Below is a list of all available settings.

name description input_type default_value
Calendar The current calendar VARCHAR System (locale) calendar
TimeZone The current time zone VARCHAR System (locale) timezone
access_mode Access mode of the database (AUTOMATIC, READ_ONLY or READ_WRITE) VARCHAR AUTOMATIC
allow_unsigned_extensions Allow to load extensions with invalid or missing signatures BOOLEAN FALSE
binary_as_string In Parquet files, interpret binary data as a string. BOOLEAN  
checkpoint_threshold, wal_autocheckpoint The WAL size threshold at which to automatically trigger a checkpoint (e.g. 1GB) VARCHAR 16.7MB
custom_extension_repository Overrides the custom endpoint for remote extension installation VARCHAR  
default_collation The collation setting used when none is specified VARCHAR  
default_null_order, null_order Null ordering used when none is specified (NULLS_FIRST or NULLS_LAST) VARCHAR NULLS_LAST
default_order The order type used when none is specified (ASC or DESC) VARCHAR ASC
enable_external_access Allow the database to access external state (through e.g. loading/installing modules, COPY TO/FROM, CSV readers, pandas replacement scans, etc) BOOLEAN TRUE
enable_fsst_vectors Allow scans on FSST compressed segments to emit compressed vectors to utilize late decompression BOOLEAN FALSE
enable_http_metadata_cache Whether or not the global http metadata is used to cache HTTP metadata BOOLEAN FALSE
enable_object_cache Whether or not object cache is used to cache e.g. Parquet metadata BOOLEAN FALSE
enable_profiling Enables profiling, and sets the output format (JSON, QUERY_TREE, QUERY_TREE_OPTIMIZER) VARCHAR NULL
enable_progress_bar Enables the progress bar, printing progress to the terminal for long queries BOOLEAN FALSE
enable_progress_bar_print Controls the printing of the progress bar, when ‘enable_progress_bar’ is true BOOLEAN TRUE
experimental_parallel_csv Whether or not to use the experimental parallel CSV reader BOOLEAN NULL
extension_directory Set the directory to store extensions in VARCHAR  
external_threads The number of external threads that work on DuckDB tasks. BIGINT 0
file_search_path A comma separated list of directories to search for input files VARCHAR  
force_download Forces upfront download of file BOOLEAN 0
home_directory Sets the home directory used by the system VARCHAR  
http_retries HTTP retries on I/O error (default 3) UBIGINT 3
http_retry_backoff Backoff factor for exponentially increasing retry wait time (default 4) FLOAT 4
http_retry_wait_ms Time between retries (default 100ms) UBIGINT 100
http_timeout HTTP timeout read/write/connection/retry (default 30000ms) UBIGINT 30000
immediate_transaction_mode Whether transactions should be started lazily when needed, or immediately when BEGIN TRANSACTION is called BOOLEAN FALSE
integer_division Whether or not the / operator defaults to integer division, or to floating point division BOOLEAN 0
lock_configuration Whether or not the configuration can be altered BOOLEAN FALSE
log_query_path Specifies the path to which queries should be logged (default: empty string, queries are not logged) VARCHAR NULL
max_expression_depth The maximum expression depth limit in the parser. WARNING: increasing this setting and using very deep expressions might lead to stack overflow errors. UBIGINT 1000
max_memory, memory_limit The maximum memory of the system (e.g. 1GB) VARCHAR 75% of RAM
ordered_aggregate_threshold the number of rows to accumulate before sorting, used for tuning UBIGINT 262144
password The password to use. Ignored for legacy compatibility. VARCHAR NULL
perfect_ht_threshold Threshold in bytes for when to use a perfect hash table (default: 12) BIGINT 12
pivot_limit The maximum numer of pivot columns in a pivot statement (default: 100000) BIGINT 100000
preserve_identifier_case Whether or not to preserve the identifier case, instead of always lowercasing all non-quoted identifiers BOOLEAN TRUE
preserve_insertion_order Whether or not to preserve insertion order. If set to false the system is allowed to re-order any results that do not contain ORDER BY clauses. BOOLEAN TRUE
profile_output, profiling_output The file to which profile output should be saved, or empty to print to the terminal VARCHAR  
profiler_history_size Sets the profiler history size BIGINT NULL
profiling_mode The profiling mode (STANDARD or DETAILED) VARCHAR NULL
progress_bar_time Sets the time (in milliseconds) how long a query needs to take before we start printing a progress bar BIGINT 2000
s3_access_key_id S3 Access Key ID VARCHAR  
s3_endpoint S3 Endpoint (default ‘’) VARCHAR S3.AMAZONAWS.COM
s3_region S3 Region VARCHAR  
s3_secret_access_key S3 Access Key VARCHAR  
s3_session_token S3 Session Token VARCHAR  
s3_uploader_max_filesize S3 Uploader max filesize (between 50GB and 5TB, default 800GB) VARCHAR 800GB
s3_uploader_max_parts_per_file S3 Uploader max parts per file (between 1 and 10000, default 10000) UBIGINT 10000
s3_uploader_thread_limit S3 Uploader global thread limit (default 50) UBIGINT 50
s3_url_compatibility_mode Disable Globs and Query Parameters on S3 urls BOOLEAN 0
s3_url_style S3 url style (‘vhost’ (default) or ‘path’) VARCHAR VHOST
s3_use_ssl S3 use SSL (default true) BOOLEAN 1
schema Sets the default search schema. Equivalent to setting search_path to a single value. VARCHAR MAIN
search_path Sets the default search search path as a comma-separated list of values VARCHAR  
temp_directory Set the directory to which to write temp files VARCHAR  
threads, worker_threads The number of total threads used by the system. BIGINT # Cores
username, user The username to use. Ignored for legacy compatibility. VARCHAR NULL
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