Version 0.6.1

DuckDB has a number of configuration options that can be used to change the behavior of the system. The configuration options can be set using either the SET statement or the PRAGMA statement.


-- set the memory limit of the system to 10GB
SET memory_limit='10GB';
-- configure the system to use 1 thread
SET threads TO 1;
-- enable printing of a progress bar during long-running queries
SET enable_progress_bar=true;
-- set the default null order to NULLS LAST
PRAGMA default_null_order='nulls_last';

-- show a list of all available settings
SELECT * FROM duckdb_settings();

-- return the current value of a specific setting
-- this example returns 'automatic'
SELECT current_setting('access_mode'); 

Configuration Reference

Below is a list of all available settings.

name description input_type default_value
Calendar The current calendar VARCHAR GREGORIAN
TimeZone The current time zone VARCHAR System timezone
access_mode Access mode of the database (AUTOMATIC, READ_ONLY or READ_WRITE) VARCHAR AUTOMATIC
allow_unsigned_extensions Allow to load extensions with invalid or missing signatures BOOLEAN FALSE
binary_as_string In Parquet files, interpret binary data as a string. BOOLEAN  
checkpoint_threshold, wal_autocheckpoint The WAL size threshold at which to automatically trigger a checkpoint (e.g. 1GB) VARCHAR 16.7MB
default_collation The collation setting used when none is specified VARCHAR  
default_null_order, null_order Null ordering used when none is specified (NULLS_FIRST or NULLS_LAST) VARCHAR NULLS_FIRST
default_order The order type used when none is specified (ASC or DESC) VARCHAR ASC
enable_external_access Allow the database to access external state (through e.g. loading/installing modules, COPY TO/FROM, CSV readers, pandas replacement scans, etc) BOOLEAN TRUE
enable_fsst_vectors Allow scans on FSST compressed segments to emit compressed vectors to utilize late decompression BOOLEAN FALSE
enable_object_cache Whether or not object cache is used to cache e.g. Parquet metadata BOOLEAN FALSE
enable_profiling Enables profiling, and sets the output format (JSON, QUERY_TREE, QUERY_TREE_OPTIMIZER) VARCHAR NULL
enable_progress_bar Enables the progress bar, printing progress to the terminal for long queries BOOLEAN FALSE
experimental_parallel_csv Whether or not to use the experimental parallel CSV reader BOOLEAN 0
external_threads The number of external threads that work on DuckDB tasks. BIGINT 0
file_search_path A comma separated list of directories to search for input files VARCHAR  
home_directory Sets the home directory used by the system VARCHAR  
httpfs_timeout HTTP timeout read/write/connection/retry (default 30000ms) UBIGINT  
log_query_path Specifies the path to which queries should be logged (default: empty string, queries are not logged) VARCHAR NULL
max_expression_depth The maximum expression depth limit in the parser. WARNING: increasing this setting and using very deep expressions might lead to stack overflow errors. UBIGINT 1000
max_memory, memory_limit The maximum memory of the system (e.g. 1GB) VARCHAR 75% of RAM
password The password to use. Ignored for legacy compatibility. VARCHAR NULL
perfect_ht_threshold Threshold in bytes for when to use a perfect hash table (default: 12) BIGINT 12
preserve_identifier_case Whether or not to preserve the identifier case, instead of always lowercasing all non-quoted identifiers BOOLEAN TRUE
preserve_insertion_order Whether or not to preserve insertion order. If set to false the system is allowed to re-order any results that do not contain ORDER BY clauses. BOOLEAN TRUE
profile_output, profiling_output The file to which profile output should be saved, or empty to print to the terminal VARCHAR  
profiler_history_size Sets the profiler history size BIGINT NULL
profiling_mode The profiling mode (STANDARD or DETAILED) VARCHAR NULL
progress_bar_time Sets the time (in milliseconds) how long a query needs to take before we start printing a progress bar BIGINT 2000
s3_access_key_id S3 Access Key ID VARCHAR  
s3_endpoint S3 Endpoint (default ‘’) VARCHAR  
s3_region S3 Region VARCHAR  
s3_secret_access_key S3 Access Key VARCHAR  
s3_session_token S3 Session Token VARCHAR  
s3_uploader_max_filesize S3 Uploader max filesize (between 50GB and 5TB, default 800GB) VARCHAR  
s3_uploader_max_parts_per_file S3 Uploader max parts per file (between 1 and 10000, default 10000) UBIGINT  
s3_uploader_thread_limit S3 Uploader global thread limit (default 50) UBIGINT  
s3_url_style S3 url style (‘vhost’ (default) or ‘path’) VARCHAR  
s3_use_ssl S3 use SSL (default true) BOOLEAN  
schema Sets the default search schema. Equivalent to setting search_path to a single value. VARCHAR  
search_path Sets the default search search path as a comma-separated list of values VARCHAR  
temp_directory Set the directory to which to write temp files VARCHAR  
threads, worker_threads The number of total threads used by the system. BIGINT # Cores
username, user The username to use. Ignored for legacy compatibility. VARCHAR NULL
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