List Tables
Version 0.6.1

How to list all tables

The SHOW TABLES command can be used to obtain a list of all tables:


To view the schema of an individual table, use the DESCRIBE command.

DESCRIBE nation;

The DESCRIBE command can also be used without a parameter to view all tables together with their columns and column types.


Below is an example of DESCRIBE without any parameters on the TPC-H dataset.

│ table_name │                                    column_names                                    │                                    column_types                                    │ temporary │
│ customer   │ [c_acctbal, c_address, c_comment, c_custkey, c_mktsegment, c_name, c_nationkey,... │ [DECIMAL(15,2), VARCHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER, VARCHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER, VARCHAR]     │ false     │
│ lineitem   │ [l_comment, l_commitdate, l_discount, l_extendedprice, l_linenumber, l_linestat... │ [VARCHAR, DATE, DECIMAL(15,2), DECIMAL(15,2), INTEGER, VARCHAR, INTEGER, INTEGE... │ false     │
│ nation     │ [n_comment, n_name, n_nationkey, n_regionkey]                                      │ [VARCHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER, INTEGER]                                               │ false     │
│ orders     │ [o_clerk, o_comment, o_custkey, o_orderdate, o_orderkey, o_orderpriority, o_ord... │ [VARCHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER, DATE, INTEGER, VARCHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER, DECIMAL(1... │ false     │
│ part       │ [p_brand, p_comment, p_container, p_mfgr, p_name, p_partkey, p_retailprice, p_s... │ [VARCHAR, VARCHAR, VARCHAR, VARCHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER, DECIMAL(15,2), INTEGER, ... │ false     │
│ partsupp   │ [ps_availqty, ps_comment, ps_partkey, ps_suppkey, ps_supplycost]                   │ [INTEGER, VARCHAR, INTEGER, INTEGER, DECIMAL(15,2)]                                │ false     │
│ region     │ [r_comment, r_name, r_regionkey]                                                   │ [VARCHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER]                                                        │ false     │
│ supplier   │ [s_acctbal, s_address, s_comment, s_name, s_nationkey, s_phone, s_suppkey]         │ [DECIMAL(15,2), VARCHAR, VARCHAR, VARCHAR, INTEGER, VARCHAR, INTEGER]              │ false     │

The SQL-standard information_schema views are also defined.

DuckDB also defines sqlite_master, and many Postgres system catalog tables for compatibility with SQLite and Postgres respectively.

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