S3 Parquet Import
Version 0.5.1

How to load a Parquet file directly from S3

To load a Parquet file from S3, the HTTPFS extension is required. This can be installed use the INSTALL SQL command. This only needs to be run once.

INSTALL httpfs;

To load the HTTPFS extension for usage, use the LOAD SQL command:

LOAD httpfs;

After loading the HTTPFS extension, set up the credentials and S3 region to read data. You may either use an access key and secret, or a token.

SET s3_region='us-east-1';
SET s3_access_key_id='<AWS access key id>';
SET s3_secret_access_key='<AWS secret access key>';

The alternative is to use a token:

SET s3_region='us-east-1';
SET s3_session_token='<AWS session token>';

After the HTTPFS extension is set up and the S3 credentials are correctly configured, Parquet files can be read from S3 using the following command:

SELECT * FROM read_parquet('s3://<bucket>/<file>');
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