Version 0.5.1

DuckDB has a number of extensions available for use. Not all of them are included by default in every distribution, but DuckDB has a mechanism that allows for remote installation.

Remote installation

If a given extensions is not available with your distribution, you can do the following to make it available.

INSTALL 'fts';
LOAD 'fts';

If you are using the Python API client, you can install and load them with the load_extension(name: str) and install_extension(name: str) methods.

Unsigned extensions

All verified extensions are signed, if you wish to load your own extensions or extensions from untrusted third-parties you’ll need to enable the allow_unsigned_extensions flag.
To load unsigned extensions using the CLI, you’ll need to pass the -unsigned flag to it on startup.

Listing extensions

You can check the list of core and installed extensions with the following query:

select * From duckdb_extensions();

All available extensions

Extension name Description
fts Adds support for Full-Text Search Indexes
httpfs Adds support for reading and writing files over a HTTP(S) connection
icu Adds support for time zones and collations using the ICU library
json Adds support for JSON operations
parquet Adds support for reading and writing parquet files
postgres_scanner Adds support for reading from a Postgres database
sqlite_scanner Adds support for reading SQLite database files
substrait Adds support for the Substrait integration
tpcds Adds TPC-DS data generation and query support
tpch Adds TPC-H data generation and query support

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