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1.0 (stable)

The linenoise-based CLI editor is currently only available for macOS and Linux.

DuckDB's CLI uses a line-editing library based on linenoise, which has shortcuts that are based on Emacs mode of readline. Below is a list of available commands.


Key Action
Left Move back a character
Right Move forward a character
Up Move up a line. When on the first line, move to previous history entry
Down Move down a line. When on last line, move to next history entry
Home Move to beginning of buffer
End Move to end of buffer
Ctrl+Left Move back a word
Ctrl+Right Move forward a word
Ctrl+A Move to beginning of buffer
Ctrl+B Move back a character
Ctrl+E Move to end of buffer
Ctrl+F Move forward a character
Alt+Left Move back a word
Alt+Right Move forward a word


Key Action
Ctrl+P Move to previous history entry
Ctrl+N Move to next history entry
Ctrl+R Search the history
Ctrl+S Search the history
Alt+< Move to first history entry
Alt+> Move to last history entry
Alt+N Search the history
Alt+P Search the history

Changing Text

Key Action
Backspace Delete previous character
Delete Delete next character
Ctrl+D Delete next character. When buffer is empty, end editing
Ctrl+H Delete previous character
Ctrl+K Delete everything after the cursor
Ctrl+T Swap current and next character
Ctrl+U Delete all text
Ctrl+W Delete previous word
Alt+C Convert next word to titlecase
Alt+D Delete next word
Alt+L Convert next word to lowercase
Alt+R Delete all text
Alt+T Swap current and next word
Alt+U Convert next word to uppercase
Alt+Backspace Delete previous word
Alt+\ Delete spaces around cursor


Key Action
Tab Autocomplete. When autocompleting, cycle to next entry
Shift+Tab When autocompleting, cycle to previous entry
Esc+Esc When autocompleting, revert autocompletion


Key Action
Enter Execute query. If query is not complete, insert a newline at the end of the buffer
Ctrl+J Execute query. If query is not complete, insert a newline at the end of the buffer
Ctrl+C Cancel editing of current query
Ctrl+G Cancel editing of current query
Ctrl+L Clear screen
Ctrl+O Cancel editing of current query
Ctrl+X Insert a newline after the cursor
Ctrl+Z Suspend CLI and return to shell, use fg to re-open

Using Read-Line

If you prefer, you can use rlwrap to use read-line directly with the shell. Then, use Shift+Enter to insert a newline and Enter to execute the query:

rlwrap --substitute-prompt="D " duckdb -batch
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Last modified: 2024-07-16