Run a bulk update followed by an aggregate

02d82020-07-310.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #797 from cwida/zonemapfix Not using bitwise AND in zone map scan
91a52020-07-310.02[Q/L/E]fixing zonemap read abort
93882020-07-310.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #795 from cwida/r/dynamic-r-windows Use the lastest R version in Windows in a dynamic fashion
b1f42020-07-310.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #790 from cwida/parquetwrite Parquet write support
bc532020-07-300.02[Q/L/E]hopefully fixing mingw
3ea62020-07-300.02[Q/L/E]Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into parquetwrite
07802020-07-300.02[Q/L/E]one last zap
b63e2020-07-290.02[Q/L/E]renamed file open flags yet again
2af12020-07-290.02[Q/L/E]more fun with windows
e7eb2020-07-280.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #785 from cwida/r/tic Run R package checks via tic and error only on warnings
32ce2020-07-280.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #792 from cwida/re2rename Rename re2 to duckdb_re2 to avoid conflicts with other versions
263c2020-07-280.02[Q/L/E]renamed re2 to duckdb_re2 to avoid conflicts with other versions
40582020-07-280.02[Q/L/E]Some patches to increase CI happiness (#775)
61812020-07-280.02[Q/L/E]Removed some `diagnostic ignored` pragmas because R hates them (#791)
869a2020-07-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #789 from cwida/r/dbplyr Move dbplyr from Imports to Suggests and versionize dbplyr zip download
e9172020-07-270.02[Q/L/E]versionize dbplyr zip download
af582020-07-270.02[Q/L/E]move dbplyr from Imports to Suggests
73f72020-07-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #786 from cwida/r/testthat Move testthat from Imports to Suggests and clean tests
bf782020-07-260.02[Q/L/E]move testthat from Imports to Suggests and clean tests
097e2020-07-240.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #752 from tiagokepe/master CreateVectorizedFunction using only template parameters
ffe52020-07-240.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #781 from cwida/minorfixes42 Minor Changes
18c22020-07-240.02[Q/L/E]fixed a segfault in MAL :/
7e422020-07-240.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #779 from cwida/interval Interval Type
85462020-07-230.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into interval
de602020-07-230.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #770 from cwida/parallelpipelines Enable Inter-Pipeline Parallelism
f5942020-07-230.02[Q/L/E]Added gzip support for Parquet reader (#774)
61812020-07-230.02[Q/L/E]Enabling PG to fix test with Python 3.6 (#778)
981e2020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #777 from cwida/codecleanup Code Cleanup and re-add Unity Builds
bc4c2020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Apparently Rdefines.h defines length (yay)
c9672020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Include sstream for R packages
771f2020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Do we even need this array?
638a2020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into codecleanup
df1b2020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Not the includes
82c02020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Wrap utf8proc in duckdb namespace to avoid potential name clashes
95a22020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Fix parquet extension warnings on linux
69242020-07-220.02[Q/L/E]Re-enable extension building as standard and fix parquet extension build
78652020-07-210.02[Q/L/E]Revert "removed unity build" This reverts commit 49961452247fb8f111e20d18d7d6ebc3ad4ca7a6.
3ef82020-07-210.02[Q/L/E]GCC fixes
f1622020-07-210.02[Q/L/E]More include cleanup
989c2020-07-210.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #763 from cwida/r/matrix-rules Avoid building non-R builds in branches that start with r/
a6e72020-07-210.02[Q/L/E]Run R CMD check on Linux and macOS (#762)
da722020-07-210.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #772 from cwida/rtrim Implement TRIM function and add optional second parameter to RTRIM/LTRIM/TRIM
84fa2020-07-210.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #771 from cwida/regexpoptions Extended Regex Options
76602020-07-200.02[Q/L/E]Add support for regex options 'i', 'c', 'g', 'm', 'n', 's' to regex replace/match/fullmatch (#753)
fbab2020-07-200.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #761 from cwida/parbuild Enable parallel builds in Travis
79202020-07-200.02[Q/L/E]Also for SQLancer with address sanitizer
78c82020-07-200.02[Q/L/E]No parallel build for SQLancer
187b2020-07-170.02[Q/L/E]need wait for some reason here
017a2020-07-160.02[Q/L/E]silence coveralls
bd8a2020-07-160.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #757 from cwida/r/rtools-4 Use Rtools 4
38a72020-07-160.02[Q/L/E]R CMD check
96172020-07-160.02[Q/L/E]Use R 4.0.2 and rtools 4.0
99fe2020-07-160.02[Q/L/E]Must be Rtools40
c8722020-07-160.02[Q/L/E]Verbosity, separate script
944f2020-07-160.02[Q/L/E]More "${R}"
7f812020-07-160.02[Q/L/E]Need cd
d9092020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #760 from cwida/nounityu Remove Unity Builds (Attempt 3)
54492020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]rename fmt:: to duckdb_fmt:: to avoid namespace clashes with other fmt
d62a2020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]add check in amalgamation that makes sure we included the *amalgamation* duckdb.hpp
0e362020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]avoid compiler warning
77472020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #756 from cwida/r/documentation-2 Update R documentation
49962020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]removed unity build
5de42020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]document all arguments
12692020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]R artifacts and first travis try with tic
330f2020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]update pkgdown.yml
60072020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]redocument duckdb_result
05a32020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]Export duckdb_result S4 class
06382020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]Prefer .h over .hpp
d0ef2020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]Use .h extension in source
4b932020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]Ignore failing tests for now
cde42020-07-150.02[Q/L/E]sed osx fix
ebd92020-07-100.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #747 from cwida/parallelism Basic Parallelism Support
9ae22020-07-100.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into parallelism
0c692020-07-100.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #712 from tiagokepe/master C++ UDF API
cbca2020-07-080.02[Q/L/E]Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' Merge with CWI master repo.
707d2020-07-070.02[Q/L/E]Include namespace duckdb.
846c2020-07-070.02[Q/L/E]Removed one include.
c8832020-07-070.02[Q/L/E]Created method RegisterFunction into the ClientContext.
9c4e2020-07-060.02[Q/L/E]Solving multiple definition of UDF functions.
83d42020-07-060.02[Q/L/E]Removed InsertFunctionIntoCatalog and invoking context.RunFunctionInTransaction.
1a122020-07-060.02[Q/L/E]Turning public the ClientContext::RunFunctionInTransaction.
51122020-07-040.02[Q/L/E]Removed const qualifier.
0ae32020-07-030.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #742 from cwida/fix736-orderfix Prevent stackoverflow in quicksort by avoiding recursion
2ffd2020-07-030.02[Q/L/E]Specify unambiguous ORDER BY in window test
2fa12020-07-030.02[Q/L/E]Rename UDF functions to fix MS systems.
f8b52020-07-030.02[Q/L/E]No longer use recursion for quicksort to avoid a stack-overflow, and add an early-out when all elements being sorted have the same value.
b0b52020-07-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #737 from cwida/parquettsplain Support for PLAIN TIMESTAMP (INT96) columns in Parquet files
81292020-07-020.02[Q/L/E]fixing plain timestamp columns in parquet files
343d2020-07-020.02[Q/L/E]Remove `extern` flag from functions and globals in `libpg_parser` (#729)
fac42020-07-010.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #733 from cwida/pyunicode Fix problem parsing certain unicode characters from Pandas data frames
56f62020-07-010.02[Q/L/E]Add a requirements.txt file to the Python package (#735)
d2342020-07-010.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #732 from cwida/nullsfirst Support for NULLS FIRST/NULLS LAST
93652020-06-300.02[Q/L/E]Correctly remove FileSystem from database (been moved to DBConfig)
5b602020-06-300.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into nullsfirst
fbec2020-06-300.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #730 from cwida/fullouterjoin FULL OUTER JOIN
37722020-06-300.02[Q/L/E]Properly continue execution of piecewise merge join semi/anti join when vector receives no matches
4c562020-06-290.02[Q/L/E]Rework merge join to support all join types, not just INNER and MARK joins
03f32020-06-280.02[Q/L/E]Zap references to stdout, stderr & cout with-DDUCKDB_DISABLE_PRINT (#728)
21ef2020-06-280.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #725 from cwida/r-gitignore Add some R artifacts to the overarching duckdb .gitignore file
bd942020-06-270.02[Q/L/E]Disable shallow cloning in Travis (#723)
acd32020-06-260.02[Q/L/E]Making Pandas optional and add support for PyPy (#720)
48de2020-06-260.02[Q/L/E]Fixing conflict in travis config
5e722020-06-260.02[Q/L/E]Also building wheels for Python 3.6 (#718)
58af2020-06-260.02[Q/L/E]Documentation and proper printing method for Python module (#719)
f8892020-06-260.02[Q/L/E]Switching Travis to GCC 10 and Bionic mostly (#715)
7d6c2020-06-250.02[Q/L/E]re-adding conditional sqlancer builds
b7f92020-06-250.02[Q/L/E]Add SQLancer run with the address sanitiser to Travis (#716)
2a6c2020-06-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #706 from cwida/r-tidy-pkg Tidy R pkg
711c2020-06-250.02[Q/L/E]export read_csv_duckdb
128c2020-06-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #714 from mrigger/skip-tests Skip running the SQLancer tests
78622020-06-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #710 from cwida/bugfix-709 Use correct base table index for table filter (fixes #709)
c97b2020-06-250.02[Q/L/E]Skip running the SQLancer tests
c1a22020-06-240.02[Q/L/E]remove Rcpp dep
12902020-06-240.02[Q/L/E]Use correct base table index for table filter (fixes #709)
9b992020-06-240.02[Q/L/E]export duckdb_shutdown()
24702020-06-240.02[Q/L/E]automate useDynLib construction via Rcpp
9d532020-06-240.02[Q/L/E]merge master
836b2020-06-240.02[Q/L/E]export duckdb_register and duckdb_unregister
c9e32020-06-240.02[Q/L/E]Running SQLancer on PRs (#708)
f86a2020-06-230.02[Q/L/E]Add scale factor in TPC-H/TPC-DS benchmark cache to avoid incorrect SF from being loaded when SF is changed
9f132020-06-220.02[Q/L/E]Correctly visit duplicate eliminated column bindings in logical delim join
f27d2020-06-200.02[Q/L/E]Remove old SQLSmith queries, and update the sqlsmith script to use a sqlite database instead
afee2020-06-200.02[Q/L/E]some post release cleanup
cf6c2020-06-190.02[Q/L/E]Fix for properly continuing top-n execution with many vectors worth of matches
a14f2020-06-180.02[Q/L/E]Fix for window functions after change to aggregate combine: input of combine is now a vector of pointers
a6db2020-06-180.02[Q/L/E]Piecewise merge join working again
9b2a2020-06-170.02[Q/L/E]test case from bug report
56d22020-06-150.02[Q/L/E]Linking threads to shell binary to make RE2 work on Linux (#682)
da9c2020-06-140.02[Q/L/E]Adding Parquet and ICU support to shell (#676) * adding parquet & icu extensions to sqlite api wrapper and thus shell * adding read_parquet alias to parquet_scan * don't write collations to WAL
0a622020-06-110.02[Q/L/E]Small travis changes related to the amalgamation build and 32 bit platforms (#667)
cad82020-06-100.02[Q/L/E]Correlated subqueries working in pipeline model, still need some fixes for the profiler here
0bdc2020-06-060.02[Q/L/E]Added a maven (pom.xml) script to the JDBC example (#660) * added maven example and deploy script * run maven test from travis
39e42020-06-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #656 from cwida/jdbcbuffers Avoiding ByteBuffer.position in JDBC driver
439a2020-06-040.02[Q/L/E]Parquet reader integration (#653) * Rewrite of parquet reader to skip materializing everything twice * Tests for parquet reader * added projection pushdown for table producing functions * refactor parquet reader into extension/parquet * integrating parquet into python & r pkgs * tests for r package with parquet files * created parquet extension amalgamation
a4682020-05-290.02[Q/L/E]enabling uploads of release binaries
93b42020-05-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #641 from tiagokepe/master Blob type support
89892020-05-210.02[Q/L/E]Improved some test cases and added others to test various SQL operators.
e33f2020-05-190.02[Q/L/E]Removed extra blank line due to CodeFactor.
c7e42020-05-190.02[Q/L/E]Avoiding implicit cast and double conversion for hex strings.
6b7a2020-05-190.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #645 from tdoehmen/csv_sniffer added strict cast support for date and time
266c2020-05-160.02[Q/L/E]Overloading concat operator function (i.e., ||) for BLOB types.
5def2020-05-140.02[Q/L/E]Changed octet_length to support just BLOB types.
48e52020-05-140.02[Q/L/E]Implemented specific BLOB casts.
e89e2020-05-140.02[Q/L/E]Removed old blob function references.
0c762020-05-120.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into hawkfish-iffunc
2bbc2020-05-110.02[Q/L/E]also postponing numpy includes
3a512020-05-080.02[Q/L/E]Fix for PR request - returning to previous like_operation impl
76272020-05-080.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into like_escape
8a3a2020-05-070.02[Q/L/E]Support to NOT LIKE with ESCAPE
60602020-05-070.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #634 from cwida/rigger11 Correctly ignore NULL values in LEFT/RIGHT functions (fixes #633)
12b02020-05-060.02[Q/L/E]support builtin function right
71412020-05-060.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #631 from zz-jason/function/right support builtin function right
dd172020-05-060.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #621 from cwida/rigger10 Fixes for Rigger #10
c65b2020-05-050.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #620 from zz-jason/function/left add builtin function left
6aeb2020-05-050.02[Q/L/E]address comment
c8202020-05-050.02[Q/L/E]replace space with tab
9ccd2020-05-050.02[Q/L/E]remove irrelevant header files
52262020-05-050.02[Q/L/E]add builtin function left
0e4b2020-05-040.02[Q/L/E]r package version bump
eb2a2020-05-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #612 from cwida/altertable Additional Alter Table Support
16962020-05-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #616 from cwida/fastpandasscan Fast Pandas Scan
8b522020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into altertable
877b2020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into fastpandasscan
1a7e2020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #615 from cwida/feckingpy2 mc for python2
c66c2020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Fix for python 2 pkg
dbd72020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Disable wheel and just run build and test locally
c5882020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Try setting to Python 2.7.10
86a22020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Try building only a specific version
5f092020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Disable Python 2 wheel builds for now...
c8482020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Add numpy/pandas to download
896a2020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Try language:generic instead of language:python
6f012020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Try latest cibuildwheel version
b1952020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Other dist
f2872020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Try different dist for Python 2 Travis
b7852020-05-030.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #614 from hawkfish/hawkfish-datefunc Hawkfish datefunc
767b2020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: DAYNAME Implement and test.
5c722020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: MONTHNAME Implement and test.
100c2020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: LAST_DAY Implement and test.
5b962020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: WEEKOFYEAR and YEARWEEK Implement and test.
8f542020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: DAYOFMONTH and WEEKDAY Implement and test alias functions.
c7cb2020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #11 from cwida/master Merge as of 2020-05-02
8c242020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #607 from cwida/pyrel2 Python API: added execute() and query() methods for relations
53da2020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #608 from hawkfish/hawkfish-bitfunc Hawkfish bitfunc
4b722020-05-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #611 from hawkfish/hawkfish-issue610 Hawkfish Issue 610
11e52020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #597 from hawkfish/hawkfish-stringfunc Implement more string functions
fa0e2020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Issue 610: LPAD/RPAD argument type Make the count argument a 32 bit integer to prevent overflow.
fabd2020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: GetScalarIntegerUnaryFunctionFixedReturn Only used in one file.
926c2020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: Reformat BIT_AGG GetBitfieldUnaryAggregate is only used in one file.
32562020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: BIT_AND, BIT_OR, BIT_XOR Implement and test.
0e0d2020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #606 from cwida/fixsourceid Fix recompile of all sources after commit
ec502020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: BIT_COUNT Implement and test.
52822020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Issue 193: BIT_LENGTH Implement and test.
ff292020-05-010.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #10 from cwida/master Pull string functions
f2072020-04-300.02[Q/L/E]Avoid creating an adaptive filter when there are no filters
cfbe2020-04-300.02[Q/L/E]Only include DUCKDB_SOURCE_ID definition where necessary
a3822020-04-300.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #601 from cwida/rigger9 New Batch of Rigger Fixes
67362020-04-290.02[Q/L/E]Correctly call UTFVerify in execute_function: selection vector is already handled before this point, so don't apply it again (fixes #603)
22a52020-04-290.02[Q/L/E]Add optimization to collators: for collators that only affect order but not equality, we now have a flag that skips applying the collation function when equality is required (i.e. distinct, group by and equality comparisons/joins)
ef292020-04-290.02[Q/L/E]Support GROUP BY in collations (fixes #602)
9f452020-04-290.02[Q/L/E]Implement repalloc in Postgres parser, allowing the parser to correctly handle long string constants (found by Pedro)
50a92020-04-290.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #598 from cwida/pyrel Python wrappers for relational API
b6362020-04-290.02[Q/L/E]adding some attributes to inspect relations (alias, type, columns, types) and hopefully fixing test
4e7a2020-04-280.02[Q/L/E]added from_csv_auto support to python client
c8af2020-04-280.02[Q/L/E]Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into pyrel
c0fe2020-04-280.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #582 from tdoehmen/csv_sniffer csv sniffer for dialect, data type and header detection
ce2b2020-04-280.02[Q/L/E]merged with master
797c2020-04-280.02[Q/L/E]only activate auto_csv tests if STANDARD_VECTOR_SIZE>=16, removed unused fs variable
90e32020-04-280.02[Q/L/E]made strict casts available via parameter and dropped StrictCast operator, simplified isMoreGenericThan method, fixed enums in csv sniffer, catched parser exception while jumping, split up unittests
8b912020-04-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #594 from cwida/extension ICU Extension & Extension Support
2bb32020-04-270.02[Q/L/E]Add more tests for various collations taken from the unicode website
f4042020-04-270.02[Q/L/E]Remove printing from test
b7052020-04-270.02[Q/L/E]On Windows, link to static build of DuckDB
56912020-04-270.02[Q/L/E]Also ened to rename relation types for Windows
f05f2020-04-270.02[Q/L/E]Rename statement types because windows.h likes to #define simple words
22112020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Or is the windows path like this?
1b8e2020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Correct path for Travis Windows
a6502020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into extension
044c2020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #593 from cwida/rigger8 Rigger Test Fixes
96d52020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Fix for #592
63f42020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Fix for #590
0cb82020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]For FIRST aggregate, use int8_t for BOOLEAN type (fixes #581)
a7502020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Correctly compute year length of large negative years in DATE -> VARCHAR cast (fixes #587 and #591)
0bfd2020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Throw an error message when creating an index on the rowid column (fixes #589)
8a7c2020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]In Orrify, if we have a compressed vector inside a dictionary don't normalify inside the dictionary itself, because we might be decompressing only part of the vector. This can cause problems if another part of that vector is then required elsewhere. (Fixes #588)
77f32020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]In caseconvert, correctly handle the case where LOWER/UPPER results in a UTF character with a different byte-width than the original UTF character (Fixes #586)
e8ec2020-04-260.02[Q/L/E]Also disallow moving casts to other side of comparison in case of VARCHAR -> NUMERIC, as this can change the order (e.g. -1 < -2, but '-1' > '-2'). This fixes #584.
dc352020-04-250.02[Q/L/E]Fixing #585
bc962020-04-250.02[Q/L/E]Fixing #583
1d2e2020-04-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'rigger8' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb into rigger8
f7752020-04-250.02[Q/L/E]Fix with upd_counter on selections for strings
184f2020-04-240.02[Q/L/E]Fix for ASCII substring with out of range offset
251c2020-04-240.02[Q/L/E]Fix typo
e9132020-04-240.02[Q/L/E]Skip comparison optimization on non-invertible casts (e.g. INT -> BOOL is not invertible, because -1 -> TRUE -> 1). This fixes #571.
ed922020-04-240.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #570 from cwida/utf8fix Use Grapheme Cluster Breakers in Reverse and Shell
2ea42020-04-230.02[Q/L/E]Fix typo
8cd22020-04-230.02[Q/L/E]More easy aliasing of scalar functions
eada2020-04-230.02[Q/L/E]Add support for COLLATE in expressions
bf302020-04-230.02[Q/L/E]Add support for default collation type. The collation can be set on database startup and changed through PRAGMA default_collation='x';
9ef02020-04-230.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into utf8fix
0b7d2020-04-220.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #574 from cwida/zonemaps Using adaptive filters in table scans
b2a52020-04-210.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb into zonemaps
c3892020-04-210.02[Q/L/E]Optimizing expressions on empty PREFIX/CONTAINS/SUFFIX needles (#573)
a09d2020-04-190.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #551 from cwida/zonemaps New batch of zonemap stuff
484a2020-04-180.02[Q/L/E]Fixing bug on all elements from the chunk were filtered
d7c72020-04-180.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb into zonemaps
8e102020-04-180.02[Q/L/E]Fixing lock bug
c6642020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Make scanning great again
4f1b2020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Adding fetch on format
3a302020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Myth changes
09f42020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #566 from cwida/buildsystemfix Build System Fixes
90c22020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Try to fix path issue on windows
1f6f2020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]No longer call UncompressedSegment::Verify while writing; it breaks for overflow strings
184d2020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Fix amalgamation build
c9e92020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Fix GCC warning
481a2020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Switch to bionic again in travis
6f452020-04-170.02[Q/L/E]Construct the free list based directly on the used blocks in the checkpoint, rather than on the blocks read
55902020-04-160.02[Q/L/E]Add missing file
68be2020-04-160.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into buildsystemfix
43082020-04-160.02[Q/L/E]Try to switch dist
ad782020-04-160.02[Q/L/E]Try removing this ppa
cc5e2020-04-160.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #564 from cwida/rigger7 Rigger Test Fixes
3cea2020-04-160.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #563 from cwida/viewtfrelation Add ViewRelation and TableFunctionRelation
11792020-04-160.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #559 from tiagokepe/master Like optimization rules
e7582020-04-150.02[Q/L/E]Skip unity build entirely
ab492020-04-150.02[Q/L/E]Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
b8d92020-04-150.02[Q/L/E]Added missing include.
1f352020-04-150.02[Q/L/E]Initial implementation of railroad diagrams for statements
80272020-04-150.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #558 from cwida/rigger6 Next Batch of Rigger fixes
8e9d2020-04-140.02[Q/L/E]Fix for sqlite api wrapper
50842020-04-140.02[Q/L/E]Fix for filter pushdown into left join: properly handle case where optimizer splits single expression into multiple expressions (fixes #552)
13c32020-04-140.02[Q/L/E]Handle dictionary vector in StringVector::AddHeapReference (fixes #549)
fda82020-04-140.02[Q/L/E]Sum all types (int32, int64) to DOUBLE to avoid overflow (fixes #543)
dae32020-04-140.02[Q/L/E]New rigger tests
05602020-04-140.02[Q/L/E]Prepared Statement support & Semi-official compliance tests for JDBC driver (#550)
4dcd2020-04-140.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #548 from cwida/namedwindowfix Named Window Fix & Rigger Fix
09562020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Remove null terminators produced by regex range filter (fixes #547)
de6b2020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Better error message for errors in WINDOW clause, and add test case for duplicate window clause name
00a22020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Correctly bind and scope named window parameters in transformer (fixes #546)
f3c72020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #542 from cwida/rigger5 Rigger Test Fixes 5
72492020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Don't plan empty ORDER nodes (fixes #544)
0f952020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Fix bork of bork fix
ee092020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #541 from cwida/nan Disallow NaN/INF in the system
b4aa2020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Off by one
79452020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Properly copy strings into vectors when scanning aggregates again (fixes #540)
faf42020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Out of range shifts return 0; like SQLite (fixes #538)
504e2020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Remove LogicalPrune and PhysicalPrune; instead add a projection node when ORDER BY columns need to be pruned (fixes #537)
0fe62020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Add new bugs found by Rigger
1cc02020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Ignore NULL values in float/double arithmetic
a1e92020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Remove NaN handling in merge join: NaN's should never occur anymore in the system
2f852020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Handle overflows in STRING -> REAL/DOUBLE casts
cba92020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Prevent NAN/INF from entering the system through the Appender as well
05972020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Test for INF and NaN produced by arithmetic as well
45a02020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Throw error if SUM/AVG aggregates produce INF
7f982020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Throw exception on out of range double -> float cast
946c2020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]For all numeric/trigo functions, if errno is set or the function returns NaN or inf we convert the value to NULL instead
6c8e2020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Throw error on out of range double constants in parser
4ab32020-04-130.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #529 from cwida/rigger4 Fixes for new batch of bugs
f5122020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Correctly clean up string aggregates for min/max
80ec2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Newlines for codefactor
75482020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]For min/max of strings, properly allocate for non-inlined strings
65ed2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Add an optional SQL type to values. This type is set for Value::DATE, Value::TIME and Value::TIMESTAMP. If the value is not provided the default mapping is assumed (e.g. INT32->INTEGER). This fixes a problem with preparing DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP values.
3fd52020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Remove test that depended on casting "1" to DATE
03ea2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Correctly call string.Finalize() in REVERSE function (fixes #535)
18662020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]When fetching a value from a string segment, correctly fetch the data from the base table if there is an update present but the update does not apply to the current row.
79052020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Add REAL type to GetTypeId<> to make #533 throw the correct error message
409b2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]In executing of a cast expression, only skip the cast if the SQL types match, not just if the internal types match (fixes #531)
f7912020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Extra tests again
98ab2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Rework round again: perform old computation instead of manual loop, but simply return unrounded value if the result is nan or inf
c5be2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]In Round, when the precision is too high return the value as-is rather than performing a crude rounding
eec82020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Remove redundant blank lines
1db22020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]For now disable tests for NaN resulting from floating point computations
10352020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]The regex range filter can only be applied for full match regex matches; it is incorrect for partial regex matches
50d42020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Fix test for #527
5c642020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Disable query verification for #526
05a82020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Correct answer for test 526
a5a82020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Handle count = 0 case properly in expression executor
6aaf2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]New tests!
0e5a2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]For filters with a projection map, push the projection even if the filter has no expressions (fixes #525)
e3992020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Fix for #521, prevent ROUND from creating NaN/inf values
d0f42020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Next batch of bugs found by Rigger
3f0e2020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #524 from cwida/riggerart Fix for the ART bug #495
06142020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #519 from cwida/rigger3 Rigger Test Fixes 3
17a02020-04-120.02[Q/L/E]Prepared statement support for JDBC Client (#520)
97952020-04-110.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #512 from cwida/rigger2 Rigger Test Fixes 2
5c4c2020-04-110.02[Q/L/E]RIGHT JOIN and creating index on boolean is now supported
95ca2020-04-110.02[Q/L/E]Fix for join transformer after merge
70d22020-04-110.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into rigger2
c52f2020-04-110.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #509 from cwida/relationapi Relation API
f5f02020-04-110.02[Q/L/E]Add more tests that trigger various exceptions
2d942020-04-100.02[Q/L/E]More tests for relation API
058f2020-04-100.02[Q/L/E]Add Explain relation and verify that result of relation does not change (because of e.g. catalog changes)
87e12020-04-100.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into relationapi
340d2020-04-100.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #499 from cwida/rigger A collection of fixes for issues found by Manuel Rigger
57c32020-04-100.02[Q/L/E]Probably fixed #500, only create java strings for non-null entries. doh.
2a482020-04-100.02[Q/L/E]maybe this fixes #500, having issues to reproduce
f9e42020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Show tables test: change "NULL" to NULL
40322020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Link DuckDB to pthread: this is necessary for RE2 on Linux
b8a62020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Display result of PRAGMA statement in shell and add test
9f8b2020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into rigger
4ad62020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #501 from cwida/queryschema Add Support for SHOW/DESCRIBE Tables
70672020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Fix for views with aliases
65d82020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Allow DESCRIBE as alias to SHOW
c6902020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Add support for SHOW TABLES and SHOW integers
c17e2020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Allow pragma_table_info to be used for views as well, and throw an exception if a view is used when the underlying types have changed
f11d2020-04-090.02[Q/L/E]Fix for bool index entries, #496
c2ce2020-04-080.02[Q/L/E]JDBC client (#492)
d7962020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #488 from tiagokepe/master Contains Scalar Function
2b322020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' Merge from CWI repository.
aecb2020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Removed bind info structures of old contains functions.
0e452020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Removed benchmark of other contains functions.
844e2020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Removed tests of other contains functions.
4f8f2020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Keep only the winner contains function, i.e., contains using STRSTR.
bc9f2020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #487 from xhochy/patch-1 pybind11 is a build-time-only dependency. Once the package is built, `pybind11` is no longer needed.
bd782020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Added benchmark for contains with LIKE.
d1812020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Benchmarking contains STRSTR.
4ee12020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Added test for contains functions.
67ba2020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Added test for contains using STRSTR.
c0442020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Implemented contains with strstr.
b47e2020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]Update setup.py
64dc2020-04-070.02[Q/L/E]pybind11 is a build-time-only dependency Once the package is built, `pybind11` is no longer needed.
23272020-04-050.02[Q/L/E]r package version bump for release
f3f82020-04-030.02[Q/L/E]Direct scan operator for R data.frames (#483) * added code to register r data frames as virtual tables using duckdb_register * using scan function for append in dbWriteTable
848a2020-04-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #482 from cwida/zonemaps Skipping Segments
e6b32020-04-020.02[Q/L/E]Making sure we dont kaput filter nodes by mistake
ec9a2020-04-020.02[Q/L/E]Potentially fixing vector size segfault
eca32020-04-020.02[Q/L/E]More Myth Comments
e2082020-04-020.02[Q/L/E]Addressing Myth Comments
f2e42020-04-010.02[Q/L/E]Windexing it
c3252020-04-010.02[Q/L/E]More tests on the optimizer
61802020-04-010.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb into zonemaps
52502020-04-010.02[Q/L/E]Fixing tpc ds queries
ce042020-04-010.02[Q/L/E]Rewrite Python API with pybind11 (#481)
250a2020-03-310.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #480 from tiagokepe/master Suffix Scalar Function
3ee82020-03-310.02[Q/L/E]Run Formater.
15a52020-03-310.02[Q/L/E]Added brackets around if statements and tests for NULL.
182c2020-03-300.02[Q/L/E]Added TPC-H benchmark for the suffix function.
cd242020-03-300.02[Q/L/E]Added random string benchmark for the suffix function.
c1ae2020-03-300.02[Q/L/E]Added test for the suffix function.
255c2020-03-300.02[Q/L/E]Register suffix function.
f8cb2020-03-300.02[Q/L/E]Implemented suffix function.
9bd42020-03-290.02[Q/L/E]Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
a99b2020-03-280.02[Q/L/E]Adding auto-create feature to R client: duckdb.read.csv/read_csv_duckdb (#479) * support for read_csv_duckdb (alias: duckdb.read.csv) to automagically create a schema from a CSV file and import said file
4fec2020-03-280.02[Q/L/E]UTF8 NFC Normalization with utf8proc (#478) Normalize UTF8 strings to NFC where they enter DuckDB using utf8proc
acb42020-03-280.02[Q/L/E]removed erroneous header
c8462020-03-280.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #477 from tiagokepe/master Prefix Scalar Function
b9dd2020-03-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #475 from cwida/minorbugfixes Fix Minor Bugs
1a212020-03-270.02[Q/L/E]Keep only the best prefix algorithm.
04cd2020-03-270.02[Q/L/E]Added one more prefix algorithm, i.e., prefix8.
dd762020-03-270.02[Q/L/E]Fix for passing in nullptr to sqlite::QueryDatabase
8ed12020-03-270.02[Q/L/E]On sqlite::QueryDatabase, return a result containing the error instead of a nullptr if query compilation fails (fixes #470)
d7e52020-03-270.02[Q/L/E]Properly invalidate open prepared statements in ClientContext::Invalidate
c4892020-03-270.02[Q/L/E]Properly allocate space for non-inlined strings that are passed into FIRST aggregates
17b12020-03-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #474 from cwida/removeselvector Selection Vector Rework
91ba2020-03-260.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into removeselvector
07a72020-03-260.02[Q/L/E]Add new type hash_t, and use uintptr_t instead of uint64_t for pointer arithmetic
a7162020-03-260.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for single file compilation
21bd2020-03-260.02[Q/L/E]Adding read only flag to Python module. (#473) * Adding read only flag to Python module. Usage: duckdb.connect('/some/file', True)
baca2020-03-240.02[Q/L/E]Support for prepared statements in R client (#468) Switched the R client to use prepared statements as well. Now supporting dbBind() natively.
a5172020-03-230.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #467 from lepennec/cursor_description Add description field to Python cursor to increase compatibility
a1ca2020-03-230.02[Q/L/E]Add test for Python cursor description
a8362020-03-220.02[Q/L/E]Add description field to Python cursor
04852020-03-200.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #463 from edalmeida/instrfunction Add support for SQL `INSTR(X, Y)`, checks if Y is contained in X and returns the position of the first match. See https://www.sqlite.org/lang_corefunc.html#instr
bf792020-03-190.02[Q/L/E]Code formatting to pass CodeFactor check
5c5b2020-03-190.02[Q/L/E]Code source formatting
8f612020-03-190.02[Q/L/E]Included UTF-8 test cases and benchmark (also with Regex function)
151a2020-03-170.02[Q/L/E]fixing virtualbox tests
e4232020-03-170.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #462 from informagi/master Minor update to fix command sequence.
02262020-03-160.02[Q/L/E]Minor update to fix command sequence.
a5562020-03-140.02[Q/L/E]Support for nested lists in projections and selections. New UNNEST operator. (#457)
52fb2020-03-130.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #458 from lepennec/date DATE type support for Python API
58cb2020-03-130.02[Q/L/E]Test objects rather than types
20d52020-03-120.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #455 from tiagokepe/rename-table Rename table
69bc2020-03-120.02[Q/L/E]Added storage test for a renamed table.]
b8e12020-03-120.02[Q/L/E]Added extra tests: CHECK_COLUMN, constrains, and non exist table.
1de72020-03-120.02[Q/L/E]Testing whether the table to be rename renamed exists.
21d52020-03-120.02[Q/L/E]Format table_catalog_entry.cpp.
97922020-03-110.02[Q/L/E]Copying regular constraint in the Copy() method. Using Copy() in the AlterEntry.
52cc2020-03-110.02[Q/L/E]Use an assertion to check the catalog type.
d4822020-03-100.02[Q/L/E]Removed unsed attributes.
0fcf2020-03-100.02[Q/L/E]When there are no new values in DISTINCT aggregates skip the update step
6e602020-03-100.02[Q/L/E]Added unit test for RENAME TABLE.
519a2020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #453 from cwida/aggregaterework Rework Aggregate Function Interface
d1c62020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Fix for combine of SUM/MIN/MAX when the target is uninitialized (NULL)
c24e2020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Fix includes for single file compilation
3b872020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into aggregaterework
7e462020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Workaround for GCC bug
92562020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Remove now-unused scatter functions
48392020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Fix for Combine, source state is not vector of pointers to states but rather vector of states
c6972020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Add some extra STRING_AGG tests
b2c42020-03-090.02[Q/L/E]Rework aggregate function interface
1cfd2020-03-080.02[Q/L/E]Fixing datetime in fetchall()/fetchone() (#451) * fixing datetime in fetchall()/fetchone()
df222020-03-070.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #450 from cwida/pystringfix Fixing NumPy/Pandas String fetching and add test case based on #448
bc8a2020-03-070.02[Q/L/E]Fixing NumPy/Pandas String fetching and add test case based on #448
f1262020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #444 from cwida/tablefunctionvarreturn Variable Return Types for Table-Producing Functions
c3852020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Fix for programmatic querying
11582020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Remove PhysicalTableFunctionOperatorState
b9982020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for individual file compilation
db522020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Add missing files
cdc12020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into tablefunctionvarreturn
43a82020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Fix for the programmatic querying example
082a2020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Simplify input parameters for table functions: pass in values, not a DataChunk
7b172020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Add bind function to table functions that allows them to set their return types/return names based on input arguments
b0972020-03-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #443 from phillc73/patch-1 Updating R install instructions in Comments
ab262020-03-030.02[Q/L/E]Updating R install instructions in Comments As per details in [Issue 189](https://github.com/cwida/duckdb/issues/189) and [Issue 428](https://github.com/cwida/duckdb/issues/428)
35d22020-03-030.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #442 from cwida/fastcast Fast To String Casts
57e72020-03-030.02[Q/L/E]Extra test and cleanup of format function
cd782020-03-030.02[Q/L/E]also full-building tags otherwise the python binaries have incorrect versions
a0aa2020-03-030.02[Q/L/E]Add format benchmark
863b2020-03-030.02[Q/L/E]Add convenience Cast methods to std::string and clean up some duplicate code
bd052020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Use correct count in format function
9b162020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Use fmt library to provide printf and format functions
59032020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Amalgamation fixes for fmt
48212020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Add fmt library, and use fmt library for float/double formatting
c2b82020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Fix for time/timestamp cast benchmarks
13642020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Rework time -> string and timestamp -> string casts
8f112020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Rework date to string casting, and format BC dates as "1000-01-01 (BC)" instead of "-1000-01-01" similar to how Postgres handles BC dates
6b922020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]More benchmark fixes
e54a2020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Fix for new cast benchmarks
526e2020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into fastcast
93972020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Add date/time/timestamp benchmarks
ce632020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Add support for GetValue again
fb282020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]r package version bump
6e012020-03-020.02[Q/L/E]Builds on Solaris & OpenBSD (#440) Added tests for OpenBSD and Solaris using VirtualBox on Travis
6d6f2020-02-290.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #439 from cwida/temporarytablewithreadonly Catalog Cleanup & Support for Temporary Structures in Read Only Mode
fb5d2020-02-290.02[Q/L/E]Make this a normal library again
0f232020-02-290.02[Q/L/E]Properly call Normalify for IS NULL/IS NOT NULL
6fee2020-02-290.02[Q/L/E]Fix programmatic querying example
2e4b2020-02-290.02[Q/L/E]More fixes for unity builds
9bbd2020-02-290.02[Q/L/E]Add regular (non-unity) build to travis in Clang 6
78b02020-02-290.02[Q/L/E]Reduce number of client_context.hpp includes and fix individual file compilation
062c2020-02-290.02[Q/L/E]Several fixes for older compilers
4bac2020-02-280.02[Q/L/E]Allow creation of temporary sequences/views, and fix ALTER TABLE on temporary tables
56452020-02-270.02[Q/L/E]Make create function parse data also inherit from generic CreateInfo
2f2e2020-02-270.02[Q/L/E]Make all catalog entries that are part of a schema inherit from StandardEntry
86d92020-02-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge CreateStatements and BoundCreateStatements together into a single create statement to unify code
93812020-02-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #437 from tdoehmen/tmp_folder_windows_fix special treatment for :memory: dbdir argument
58f82020-02-260.02[Q/L/E]special treatment for :memory: dbdir argument
c26b2020-02-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #433 from cwida/idx_t2 Rename index_t to idx_t because Solaris
b0782020-02-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into idx_t2
4c082020-02-250.02[Q/L/E]Fix for quoted range var without schema in Catalog::ParseRangeVar + tests
62a52020-02-250.02[Q/L/E]Unify code to parse schema/table from sequences with R client appender, and add correct support for quotes to it. This fixes #430
31b42020-02-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #431 from cwida/stringrep Rework String Representation
dbd92020-02-240.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for R client and rest server
2a552020-02-240.02[Q/L/E]Revert "Remove string inlining (for benchmark reasons)" This reverts commit ca74946959d0449dc781ac23b910180a5201dcd8.
ca742020-02-240.02[Q/L/E]Remove string inlining (for benchmark reasons)
5b232020-02-240.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into stringrep
4ee72020-02-240.02[Q/L/E]Add new set of micro benchmarks involving string operations
c13c2020-02-200.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #427 from Honeypot95/reverse_function2 Implement the reverse function.
15ea2020-02-200.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #426 from cwida/changevectorsize Fixes for support of different vector sizes
7d602020-02-200.02[Q/L/E]Test even fewer vector sizes to limit testing time and add extra string agg test case
bb292020-02-200.02[Q/L/E]Limit the amount of vector sizes tested to avoid the time limit on travis
bfa42020-02-200.02[Q/L/E]Remove -j from build for travis
7d3f2020-02-200.02[Q/L/E]Travis: try not explicitly setting the compiler
13d52020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Add ubuntu toolchain to travis build
1a322020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Add travis test for different vector sizes
52a52020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Allow setting of vector size through cmake and add python script for testing different vector sizes
51982020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Fix explain for VECTOR_SIZE=2
fa2d2020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Vector_size=4 working
b92b2020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for vector_size=8; fix for local storage when all values in a vector are deleted
d6602020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Add test that throws an exception in the middle of an aggregate with destructor being constructed
d3022020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Add destructor function for aggregates, and use it in STRING_AGG function to properly manage allocation of string aggregates
65622020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Allow VECTOR_SIZE=16, fix off-by-one in assertion and fix for NLJ with NULL values
6ee22020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Allow VECTOR_SIZE=32
ff852020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for vector_size=64, including a fix to NLJ and a fix to properly set vector types in Gather::Set
ab062020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for vector_size = 2048
4d5d2020-02-190.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for VECTOR_SIZE=512
8ca42020-02-180.02[Q/L/E]Add test for loading a non-database file in the shell-test
46bd2020-02-180.02[Q/L/E]Allow nullptr to be passed to sqlite3_open
fb3f2020-02-180.02[Q/L/E]Fix for printing profiling info related to prepared statements (this fixes profile info in shell)
edd32020-02-180.02[Q/L/E]Avoid crash in shell when opened with a non-db file
afbf2020-02-180.02[Q/L/E]Fix for NULL values in nextval function
89302020-02-180.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #423 from cwida/removedupinfofromvector Remove Individual Vector Cardinalities
70dc2020-02-180.02[Q/L/E]Fix assert restrict
19bc2020-02-170.02[Q/L/E]ASSERT_RESTRICT: report file and line number, and change to inclusive bounds
42d02020-02-170.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for embedded C and R package
23f12020-02-170.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into removedupinfofromvector
a5532020-02-170.02[Q/L/E]Fix incorrect cardinality setting in join cache
9e362020-02-170.02[Q/L/E]Fix for JoinOrderOptimizer with cross products
b4932020-02-170.02[Q/L/E]Fix for large aggregate hashtables
9ef72020-02-170.02[Q/L/E]Fix several other issues with setting incorrect cardinality
8bb62020-02-14!Fix several issues with correctly setting cardinality, more fixes required
7aa42020-02-130.02[Q/L/E]WindowSegmentTree and Vector are no longer friends: now DataChunk is Vectors best friend
bca82020-02-130.02[Q/L/E]Remove DataChunk::owned_data, and now initialize data chunks normally
91b32020-02-120.02[Q/L/E]Remove unused DataChunk::Move method
9ab72020-02-120.02[Q/L/E]Rename Flatten to ClearSelectionVector
f8ed2020-02-120.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #421 from cwida/bsd OpenBSD build changes from @videlft
920b2020-02-110.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #419 from cwida/multilineshell Fixing multiline query pasting in shell
1b0c2020-02-110.01[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #418 from samansmink/date-truncate-function Date truncate function
0bbf2020-02-110.02[Q/L/E]refactor date_trunc to use date_part_specifier
a7042020-02-110.02[Q/L/E]fixed wrongly reformatted template
43802020-02-110.02[Q/L/E]fixed typo in variable name
966d2020-02-110.02[Q/L/E]ran make format on new date_trunc function code
ba2c2020-02-110.02[Q/L/E]added date_trunc function for timestamp and date types. interval type not yet supported.
fcc22020-02-100.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #416 from cwida/tablestar Support for select table.* from table, issue #415
1c762020-02-100.02[Q/L/E]support for select table.* from table, issue #415
e10d2020-02-080.02[Q/L/E]First part of nested types: STRUCTS (#414) We add a new type `STRUCT` that can hold a named ordered list of other types. For now, two functions are supported: `STRUCT_PACK()` to create structs, for example `STRUCT_PACK(a := 42, b := 43)` to create a `STRUCT` of two integers named `a` and `b`. Then, there is `STRUCT_EXTRACT()` that returns one of the entries of a struct again. For example, `SELECT STRUCT_EXTRACT(STRUCT_PACK(a := 42, b := 43), 'a')` returns `42`.
67942020-02-050.02[Q/L/E]Fix error message
73c22020-02-050.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of github.com:cwida/duckdb
ce8c2020-02-050.02[Q/L/E]Disallow ORDER and FILTER for aggregates (#408)
874e2020-02-050.02[Q/L/E]Remove unused in-place binary operators
a5a42020-02-050.02[Q/L/E]Using `Depends` for DBI in R package (#411) * using depends for DBI
bd052020-02-040.02[Q/L/E]Enable ccache in CMakeList
3cfb2020-02-040.02[Q/L/E]Move NotNullSelVector to VectorOperations
2fbd2020-02-040.02[Q/L/E]Remove Vector::Move and replace its usage with Vector::Reference
1ded2020-02-040.02[Q/L/E]Disallow DISTINCT in Window Functions (Fixes #408)
fa482020-02-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #409 from cwida/vectortypes Vector Rework (Vector types, three buffer system, arrow compatible TypeIds)
90ad2020-02-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into vectortypes
33912020-02-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #404 from kryonix/master Support for Recursive Common Table Expressions
bdad2020-02-030.02[Q/L/E]version bump r package
59f82020-01-310.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #406 from cwida/adaptive-reordering Adaptive Expression Reordering
643b2020-01-270.02[Q/L/E]Added q1 benchmark with int group keys
c44f2020-01-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #402 from cwida/artstring Support for String/Compound Keys
f3372020-01-240.02[Q/L/E]Adding myth tests
faea2020-01-240.02[Q/L/E]Throwing exception when trying to create index on columns with duplicate data
00ed2020-01-230.02[Q/L/E]Indexes for temporary tables
fd2b2020-01-220.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into artstring
4c8b2020-01-220.02[Q/L/E]Adding test on uniquness and prefix changes on enough data for all ART nodes
1efb2020-01-220.02[Q/L/E]Fixing issue on prefix copy
70c22020-01-210.02[Q/L/E]Have Travis generate the R repo metadata files `PACKAGES` and upload to DuckDB Download server
7b312020-01-200.02[Q/L/E]Using linenoise instead of readline for shell (#393) Also fixes a windows bug
7e852020-01-190.02[Q/L/E]Switching to stock SQLite shell (#388) We now build a statically linked command line interface `duckdb_cli` built from the stock SQLite shell.c sources.
2deb2020-01-140.03[Q/L/E]sub-second precision for timestamps in python api (#391) * sub-second precision for timestamps in python API
57b22020-01-110.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #390 from cwida/unusedcolumns Add Unused Column & Column Lifetime Optimizers
e1942020-01-110.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into unusedcolumns
a7232020-01-110.02[Q/L/E]Fix for unused column join test and add additional test
5d2b2020-01-110.02[Q/L/E]Perform IN clause optimizer before join ordering/unused column elimination/column lifetime optimizer
77fd2020-01-110.02[Q/L/E]Add extra tests for joins with unused columns
b8862020-01-110.02[Q/L/E]Add benchmarks for Q1 aggregate after join, one with a filter and one without a filter
17242020-01-110.02[Q/L/E]Properly reset build chunk before filling it in hash join
4b752020-01-110.02[Q/L/E]Add separate ColumnLifetimeOptimizer that removes columns after joins/filters when they are no longer required
489b2020-01-100.02[Q/L/E]Remove filter mapping from RemoveUnusedColumns optimizer
1bfa2020-01-100.02[Q/L/E]When we have a filter with a projection map, instead of performing the projection within the filter we simply generate an extra projection to perform the projection
f1222020-01-100.02[Q/L/E]In the case of an equality inner join, remap any references of the RHS column to the LHS column (e.g. if there is l_orderkey=o_orderkey, anything that refers to o_orderkey will be remapped to instead refer to l_orderkey, this prevents us from having to read the o_orderkey column from the hashtable
087d2020-01-080.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #387 from informagi/master Include default instructions
4cc72020-01-080.02[Q/L/E]Include default instructions
33212020-01-070.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #381 from informagi/master Minor change for local install
c4062020-01-070.02[Q/L/E]Minor edit of PYTHONPATH instruction.
0e4e2020-01-050.02[Q/L/E]Changes to complete the suggested better solution by @xhochy.
7ed52020-01-050.02[Q/L/E]Update tools/pythonpkg/README.md Excellent suggestion by @xhochy Co-Authored-By: Uwe L. Korn
6fcb2020-01-030.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #383 from cwida/scan Join Hash Table Rework
31562020-01-030.02[Q/L/E]Revert join order cost change
d4462020-01-030.02[Q/L/E]Another ORDER BY required after hash function change
1d8c2020-01-030.02[Q/L/E]Add order by to test
ef472020-01-030.02[Q/L/E]Combine hashes using multiplication and XOR instead of only XOR
7bf92020-01-030.02[Q/L/E]JoinHashTable: switch to using Select comparisons for probes
f27e2020-01-030.02[Q/L/E]Eliminate duplicate expressions in join order optimizer and fix cost of plans
d58a2020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Simplify code for SINGLE join
76c22020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Revert "Use Select comparisons instead of regular comparisons in join ht" This reverts commit eccbf85d36f558ff65c37f865dad0d24325f389d.
eccb2020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Use Select comparisons instead of regular comparisons in join ht
33642020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into scan
6d1a2020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Make join hashtable allocate blocks from the buffer manager instead of allocating memory directly
4b0b2020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Remove unused function and variable
70c22020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Modify hash to use a single multiplication instead of using the murmurhash
ebee2020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Correctly handle empty HT for LEFT and SINGLE join
9a892020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]No longer resize join HT, instead only construct the join HT after all chunks have been computed
f75c2020-01-020.02[Q/L/E]Add ORDER BY to left join test
10042020-01-010.02[Q/L/E]Add cache after hash table probe that re-probes and caches if there are too few matches to avoid outputting small chunks This time to the correct branch
ffe92020-01-010.02[Q/L/E]Revert "Add cache after hash table probe that re-probes and caches if there are too few matches to avoid outputting small chunks" This reverts commit d9a40fa733c9b7365653cb5d4c4cfd7fd382e14c.
d9a42020-01-010.02[Q/L/E]Add cache after hash table probe that re-probes and caches if there are too few matches to avoid outputting small chunks
ce842020-01-010.02[Q/L/E]Fix path to js files in generate_querygraph.py
fe312019-12-310.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #382 from cwida/between Add BETWEEN operator and rework OR/(NOT) IN operators
f6eb2019-12-310.02[Q/L/E]Fix copy ellision warning
caa32019-12-310.02[Q/L/E]Also rewrite NOT IN, to either a MARK join (in case of many elements) or (X <> 1 AND X <> 2 AND ...)
bd332019-12-310.02[Q/L/E]Convert IN clause with few children into OR expression (i.e. X=1 OR X=2 OR X=3...)
35452019-12-310.02[Q/L/E]Rework OR statement in FILTER to use selection vector to exclude tuples that have already qualified
d9fc2019-12-300.02[Q/L/E]Replace GetNumericValue with GetValue
03cb2019-12-300.02[Q/L/E]Clean up unused unary loops
e4742019-12-300.02[Q/L/E]Remove parsed BetweenExpression and turn BETWEEN in parse tree into two separate comparison expressions again - they will later be turned into a BoundBetweenExpression again
e5352019-12-300.02[Q/L/E]In FilterCombiner, generate a BETWEEN expression when there is both a lower and upper bound for a variable
7d302019-12-300.02[Q/L/E]More BETWEEN tests
713d2019-12-300.02[Q/L/E]Add BETWEEN and BOUND BETWEEN expressions
af3c2019-12-300.02[Q/L/E]Add ternary loops and cleanup binary loops, plus add more tests for BETWEEN
80912019-12-290.02[Q/L/E]Add --query option to benchmark_runner
5df62019-12-280.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #380 from cwida/benchmarkdatareuse Efficient CSV Reader and Benchmark Data Re-Use
0c4d2019-12-280.02[Q/L/E]One more CSV edge case
0e972019-12-280.03[Q/L/E]Add more tests for several CSV reader edge cases
74612019-12-280.02[Q/L/E]Re-write complex CSV reader (that supports multi-byte delimiters/escapes/quotes) to be more efficient
4bfe2019-12-280.02[Q/L/E]Simplify CSV reader somewhat to avoid duplicate code
a0c42019-12-280.02[Q/L/E]Add benchmark for reading a CSV with multi-byte delimiters
edb52019-12-280.02[Q/L/E]More efficient escape handling and fix bug with escape handling in values that cross buffer boundary
829f2019-12-280.02[Q/L/E]Fix for CSV files without newline at end of file and add testcase
a41e2019-12-270.02[Q/L/E]Add optimized CSV reader implementation for simple single-byte delimiter/quote/escape case
9c5b2019-12-260.02[Q/L/E]CSV reader: only remove escapes and copy string if there are actually escapes in the string
060a2019-12-260.02[Q/L/E]Cache TPC-H and TPC-DS dbgen in CSV files for benchmark runner
f0352019-12-250.02[Q/L/E]Add row-based iterator over query result
ba822019-12-240.02[Q/L/E]Remove benchmark html from benchmark directory; this is now included as part of the Python package
77622019-12-230.02[Q/L/E]Move continuous benchmark code out of main repo and into website repo
c4532019-12-230.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #379 from cwida/rappend Rework R Append
17142019-12-230.02[Q/L/E]Switch duckdb_append_R to append to vectors instead of using individual value appends
6e342019-12-230.02[Q/L/E]Correctly invalidate appender after calling Flush, EndRow or Close with incorrect number of rows appended and add test cases
f2662019-12-230.02[Q/L/E]Add Value::CreateValue
6a122019-12-220.02[Q/L/E]For Appender::Append, directly cast when types don't match instead of using Value structures to cast
92932019-12-220.02[Q/L/E]Add tests for similar to and transactions
e8c22019-12-220.02[Q/L/E]Remove unused UndoFlags::QUERY/DATA and related functions
405f2019-12-220.02[Q/L/E]Concat can work with a single argument
41772019-12-220.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #378 from cwida/expressionstate Rework ExpressionExecutor
58422019-12-220.02[Q/L/E]Exclude grammar files to prevent coveralls from breaking
a0a82019-12-220.02[Q/L/E]Add correct line number directives to generated grammar file
11372019-12-210.02[Q/L/E]Add rewrite rules and separate operators for other datepart specifiers (e.g. month, day, second, epoch, etc)
5d812019-12-210.02[Q/L/E]Add rewrite rule for date_part('year', X) -> year(X) and add more date part tests
5be72019-12-210.02[Q/L/E]Rework date part to use existing BinaryFunction infrastructure
4e772019-12-210.02[Q/L/E]More function simplification: also simplify YEAR function
ee392019-12-210.02[Q/L/E]More function simplification: clean up Length and unary minus function
03602019-12-210.02[Q/L/E]Add TPC-H SF0.01 to fast unit tests, and run valgrind on SF0.01 instead
35fa2019-12-210.02[Q/L/E]Clean up binary loops
5c342019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]Add Select for comparison expressions
a4c32019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]Add specialized ExpressionExecutor::Select for AND conjunction that utilizes previous results to avoid performing extra work
26ad2019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]Fix for constant filters in unoptimized case and add test case
650f2019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]Add new SelectExpression functionality to ExpressionExecutor that generates a selection vector from a boolean expression, and use this in the filter
acb92019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]ExpressionHeuristics: also reorder inside AND/OR expressions
090e2019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into expressionstate
8cf32019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #377 from cwida/selection-vector Selection Vector and Heuristics
d1262019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]Fix bug in VectorOperations::Gather ignoring offset that lead to crash in resize of join HT with multiple keys
9a1c2019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]refactor: move common code related to expressions to ExpressionUtil
0ef92019-12-200.02[Q/L/E]Rework AND/OR expressions to have a list of expressions instead of always having two children
c1692019-12-190.03[Q/L/E]renamed map
44002019-12-190.02[Q/L/E]making code more efficient
a89e2019-12-190.02[Q/L/E]cleaning up for pull request
15d22019-12-190.02[Q/L/E]reordering expressions
49022019-12-190.03[Q/L/E]refactor: hash aggregate always has children
9a252019-12-190.02[Q/L/E]Modified the way the ExpressionExecutor works. Every expression now has an execution state that holds intermediate structures (and potentially other things in the future). The states are initialized using InitializeState() call, and then kept around for as long as the ExpressionExecutor is alive. This allows intermediate structures to be re-used, rather than allocating and freeing them constantly. ExpressionExecutors are now also kept around in the operator state of the physical operators, rather then re-created constantly.
054a2019-12-170.03[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into selection-vector
f3312019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]covering all filter expression classes
ea042019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for non-unity builds on linux
684c2019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for non-unity build
ebc22019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]SQLite shell: also report errors that occur during execution, rather than only errors that occur during planning of the query
123d2019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]Fix for aborted transactions: always allow prepared statements, even in aborted transactions. Instaed we now check on the execute step whether or not the statement is allowed to be executed. This allows for e.g. auto prepare = con->Prepare("ROLLBACK"); prepare->Execute();
bbea2019-12-170.03[Q/L/E]Bind to internal PreparedStatementData instead of PreparedStatementCatalogEntry
79172019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]Fix for pushing PREPARE with parameters through prepare API: reset number of prepared statements after the PREPARE statement
75b12019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]Remove common aggregate optimizer and instead eliminate duplicate aggregates during the binding phase
2acc2019-12-170.03[Q/L/E]SQLite API wrappers: also display result for EXPLAIN and EXECUTE statements
b5c52019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #376 from cwida/functionsimplification Simplify Functions
00152019-12-170.02[Q/L/E]Add new DBI tests to ignore list (FIXME: these tests should be fixed!)
712d2019-12-160.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into selection-vector
444c2019-12-160.02[Q/L/E]adding costs
7ddd2019-12-160.02[Q/L/E]Cleanup bitwise and arithmetic operations
d1d42019-12-160.02[Q/L/E]Move Like out of vector operations
8b6b2019-12-160.02[Q/L/E]Add date -> timestamp casting
29802019-12-160.02[Q/L/E]Round, floor and ceil are nop functions for integer types
7dd32019-12-160.02[Q/L/E]Remove VectorOperations for numeric operations that are only used in their respective SQL functions (abs, log, pow, etc)
d2542019-12-160.02[Q/L/E]Simplify implementations of trigonometric functions and remove VectorOperations::[Sin|Cos|Tan|etc]
13c42019-12-140.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #375 from cwida/format Format
ab402019-12-140.02[Q/L/E]Remove unused constant
a5bb2019-12-140.02[Q/L/E]Travis 2
a18a2019-12-140.02[Q/L/E]Travis 1
40442019-12-140.02[Q/L/E]Correctly treat warnings as errors now
87732019-12-140.03[Q/L/E]Test that warnings break the build
d9c22019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Travis fix
a6102019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Enable -Werror on clang 6 and GCC9 builds
2aff2019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Properly disable windows warnings in third party libraries
6a772019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Fix in format: correct header paths now
51412019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Use target_compile_options instead of target_properties
d3102019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Fix several windows warnings and ignore some other windows warnings
cbb42019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Disable warnings on all third party libraries
80572019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Disable warnings in third_party and also disable C4244 in release builds
59f92019-12-130.03[Q/L/E]the optimizer now invokes filter expression reordering
0cdb2019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Update format.py (#374)
b6322019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Assert is not defined here on windows
ef782019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Fix GCC9 warnings
d3132019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Value doesn't need explicit copy constructor
78b82019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Revert "Cleanup part 11111111111" This reverts commit ac289bec50e82f773a3b6e1b621f52e59c9afc44.
ac282019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Cleanup part 11111111111
29be2019-12-130.02[Q/L/E]Fix several warnings that occur only in the optimized build
875a2019-12-120.03[Q/L/E]Comparisons between numbers and strings autocast to numbers (fixes #370)
9b2a2019-12-120.02[Q/L/E]Correctly round instead of truncating (fixes #369)
ea552019-12-120.03[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #373 from cwida/sqliteapi SQLite API Rework
675a2019-12-120.02[Q/L/E]Fix some GCC warnings
f7a92019-12-120.02[Q/L/E]Link to threads for sqlite3 api wrapper test
c5532019-12-120.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for memory leaks in sqlite api wrapper tests
245c2019-12-120.02[Q/L/E]Cast to char*
0fa62019-12-120.02[Q/L/E]Also add test for nByte of sqlite3_prepare
01cc2019-12-120.02[Q/L/E]Tests for setting remainder in sqlite3_prepare_v2 and no longer allocate remainder
15072019-12-110.02[Q/L/E]More warning fixes
b4722019-12-110.03[Q/L/E]Fix several GCC warnings
31e32019-12-110.02[Q/L/E]Fix for running ANALYZE and add test case that runs ANALYZE
5bd92019-12-110.03[Q/L/E]Add extra tests for sqlite3_api_wrapper, and run these tests as part of the make unit
46882019-12-100.03[Q/L/E]Fixes for SQLite API wrapper
4ca92019-12-100.02[Q/L/E]Add extra information about prepated statement to PreparedStatement object (return types and names)
f02b2019-12-100.02[Q/L/E]Add test for properly dropping dependencies without active transactions
5e0b2019-12-100.02[Q/L/E]Properly print newline after all tests are done
58e32019-12-100.02[Q/L/E]Modify test progress reporting: report tests as they are run
116a2019-12-100.02[Q/L/E]Clean up some code in ClientContext relating to running statements
eb782019-12-100.02[Q/L/E]Move prepared statement binding into PreparedStatementData
c88b2019-12-100.02[Q/L/E]Expand sqlite api tests
57f52019-12-090.02[Q/L/E]CREATE TABLE only returns a result if there was data inserted into the table (i.e. in the case of queries such as CREATE TABLE t2 AS SELECT * FROM tbl);
044d2019-12-090.02[Q/L/E]Add test for executing all different types of statements using prepared statements
464a2019-12-090.02[Q/L/E]Move creation of prepared statement out of planner and into execution as well
85fa2019-12-090.02[Q/L/E]added more casts to benchmark
4da32019-12-090.03[Q/L/E]Split execute statement internal into CreatePreparedStatement and ExecutePreparedStatement
9ad62019-12-090.02[Q/L/E]Move prepared statement data into separate PreparedStatementData struct
604e2019-12-090.02[Q/L/E]Remove unused code from LogicalPrepare
ff4d2019-12-090.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #372 from cwida/fpconv Fixes on range queries on sparse arrays and tests
177e2019-12-070.03[Q/L/E]Including limits and fixing warnings
9d462019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]Exceptions that do not invalidate transactions now inherit from StandardException
66bd2019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]Adding drop index test
5efe2019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]Can now explain prepared statements, and move parameter parsing into normal planner
d9462019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]Remove DeallocateStatement and merge it with the DropStatement (drop of type PREPARED_STATEMENT)
27eb2019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]Move explain statement into normal binder/planner
d5352019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]Move pragma statements into the physical plan as well
c32e2019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into sqliteapi
b2bb2019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]Push DROP, CREATE SCHEMA, CREATE SEQUENCE, CREATE VIEW, TRANSACTION and ALTER statements through the planner and executor
f78f2019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]that was the wrong flag
ad932019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]unbreaking linux :/
478c2019-12-060.02[Q/L/E]forcing binary packages to install on windows because rsqlite depends on boost. cautionary tale.
65932019-12-050.02[Q/L/E]Fixing range queries for sparse data, some queries are off by one
045d2019-12-050.02[Q/L/E]Add missing files
58b22019-12-050.02[Q/L/E]Add sqlite api wrapper tests
26e32019-12-040.03[Q/L/E]Missing include
6b9f2019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]Initial C++ implementation of SQLite API wrappers
285b2019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]removed date->timestamp cast
925f2019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into selection-vector
b0942019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]added benchmarks to estimate costs
66572019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #367 from cwida/appenderfix Appender API Changes
238a2019-12-040.03[Q/L/E]Test for preparing multiple statements, and add support for ExtractStatements function that only extracts individual statements from a query
75242019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]Add missing type to appender
88332019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]Always allow casts from NULL to any type, and add test from dplyr that broke because this was not allowed
eef82019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]Allow appending nullptr in order to append NULL values
12692019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]Fix linking issues in R package
a1292019-12-040.02[Q/L/E]Also add client_context to duckdb.hpp for python package (is this really required?)
a0062019-12-030.02[Q/L/E]Add appender to amalgamation
f1482019-12-030.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for R and Python clients
c2692019-12-030.03[Q/L/E]fixing cast
b1892019-12-030.02[Q/L/E]Fix for programmatic querying example and remove unused files
43eb2019-12-030.02[Q/L/E]Add testcase for interleaved usage of appender and connection
bff32019-12-030.02[Q/L/E]Add AppendRow shorthand for appending rows to the appender
350e2019-12-030.02[Q/L/E]For new disable ART floating point tests and add new test for ::EncodeFloat and ::EncodeDouble
8d342019-12-030.02[Q/L/E]Rework appender interface: create appender in similar manner to Connection and allow multiple appenders per connection. Also add more tests involving various failure cases of the appender.
e7d82019-12-020.02[Q/L/E]Rework casting code somewhat and fixes for casting timestamps to dates/times
d97d2019-12-020.02[Q/L/E]removing old code
c69d2019-12-020.02[Q/L/E]Switch Appender Append method to use templates
26532019-12-020.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into selection-vector
cc102019-12-020.02[Q/L/E]When "ART Floating Point Double Small" fails print the randomly generated data set for reproduction purposes
bfff2019-12-020.02[Q/L/E]Remove several slow tests from the fast unit tests
ec042019-12-020.02[Q/L/E]Add reporting to catch for every 10% of tests completed
e9b32019-12-010.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #366 from cwida/revertcommit Revert commit after failure during commit
0b5a2019-12-010.02[Q/L/E]Windows fix
ed082019-12-010.02[Q/L/E]Reset auto commit in WAL replay
b8cc2019-12-010.02[Q/L/E]Also fix ::erase method of Node4
b48f2019-11-300.02[Q/L/E]Fix ::erase method of ART nodes
79842019-11-300.02[Q/L/E]Assert that entries were properly erased in ART tree
c0972019-11-300.02[Q/L/E]Add more tests for transaction aborts and correctly remove entries from indexes after reverting a commit
10462019-11-300.02[Q/L/E]Perform truncate of WAL after abort in commit to cleanup unnecessary data appended there
b7b42019-11-300.02[Q/L/E]Rework VALUES list - unify values list in INSERT and SELECT statement into an ExpressionListRef
3d832019-11-290.02[Q/L/E]Add TableInfo method to Connection to easily get the table info of a specific table
959b2019-11-290.02[Q/L/E]Add several tests for aborts during commit
efbd2019-11-270.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #351 from cwida/float Including FP into ART
04102019-11-260.02[Q/L/E]Seeding the random number generator
20b52019-11-260.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into float
701c2019-11-260.03[Q/L/E]Forgot one more cast
c3f02019-11-260.03[Q/L/E]Switching to `Release` build by default and build and run examples (#363) * testing examples * defaulting to release build
55542019-11-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into float
ecb52019-11-250.02[Q/L/E]Correcting test
52b92019-11-250.02[Q/L/E]Correctly handle exceptions in commits (because of e.g. constraint failures or IO exceptions), when an exception occurs rollback the partially completed commit and rollback instead
f2bf2019-11-250.02[Q/L/E]Use the amalgamation for R and Python clients (#360)
23092019-11-250.02[Q/L/E]Move physical operator state to source files rather than header files
a5652019-11-250.02[Q/L/E]Prevent comparison of pointer with NULL in C++; use nullptr instead.
0c402019-11-250.03[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'hyperxor-add_join_in_string_utils'
e9982019-11-250.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'add_join_in_string_utils' of https://github.com/hyperxor/duckdb into hyperxor-add_join_in_string_utils
10e12019-11-230.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #359 from cwida/amalgamation Amalgamation
ba282019-11-230.02[Q/L/E]Missing include for Windows
fef42019-11-230.02[Q/L/E]Pragma statements are now always parsed without error, even if the statements are unknown
fbba2019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Parse PRAGMA statements using the Postgres parser instead of using a hacky pragma_parser addition
baf52019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb into float
65412019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Changing tests to skip PG parsers issues and simplifying float transf
4be12019-11-220.03[Q/L/E]added static frontend hosting to web server
9d352019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Windows needs /bigobj flag to compile amalgamation
a07a2019-11-220.03[Q/L/E]By default do not write linenumbers in amalgamation, and more fixes for directory separators for amalgamation generated on Windows
3c962019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Use _strdup for Windows instead of strdup
1e222019-11-220.03[Q/L/E]Prevent conflicts with ASC and DESC defines generated from grammar
95632019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Modify flex defines to avoid conflicts with windows.h
40f22019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Use os.path.join instead of hardcoding / in amalgamation.py
a70b2019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Travis fixes
c9e12019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Add amalgamation travis builds
eaaa2019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Add amalgamation build to cmake, triggered with -DAMALGAMATION_BUILD=1
c43a2019-11-220.03[Q/L/E]Add #line directives to amalgamation
e1a62019-11-220.02[Q/L/E]Move TPC-H queries and answers to separate files and concatenate them into header file using generate_csv_header script
4b1e2019-11-210.02[Q/L/E]Windows fixes for dbgen
82b22019-11-210.02[Q/L/E]Write file_system.cpp as last file in amalgamation because it includes windows.h, which screws up a bunch of other code
4fd92019-11-210.03[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into amalgamation
18482019-11-210.03[Q/L/E]Add amalgamation scripts to makefile
e3e42019-11-210.02[Q/L/E]Remove unused scripts
279c2019-11-210.03[Q/L/E]Create separate scripts directory to hold scripts related to the project
e0412019-11-210.02[Q/L/E]Fixes for amalgamation
90072019-11-210.02[Q/L/E]Add a Programmatic querying example (#355)
5e472019-11-210.03[Q/L/E]Add a REST server and HTML/JS frontend for DuckDB (#354)
9b432019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]More stripping of postgres parser
a2fe2019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]Several fixes for amalgamation
1ffa2019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]Fix some issues with the amalgamation build
87742019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]Convert miniz to C++
df0c2019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]Convert hyperloglog to C++ project
d87e2019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]Remove postgres namespace
71382019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]Rename variables in Postgres parser to be prefixed with PG or pg_ to avoid name clashes
e1762019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]More minor cleanup
b90a2019-11-200.02[Q/L/E]Minor clean up
ee302019-11-190.02[Q/L/E]Convert PostgreSQL parser to C++
d14a2019-11-190.02[Q/L/E]Clean up unused parsenodes
9f5b2019-11-190.03[Q/L/E]GCC 9 32 bits is complaining
2c162019-11-190.03[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'float' of https://github.com/cwida/duckdb into float
fb932019-11-190.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into float
fed32019-11-190.03[Q/L/E]Removed threads linking (Issue #352) (#353) * Removed re2 pthread dependency (Issue #352)
0ab02019-11-180.02[Q/L/E]VS doesnt like divisions by 0
f1d92019-11-180.02[Q/L/E]Comparisons with NaN should return 0
ea4a2019-11-180.02[Q/L/E]Adding more tests for ART/Floating
bf1c2019-11-160.02[Q/L/E]Split up gram.y in separate files for each of the different statements types, and split up keywords into different lists. The grammar can be assembled and compiled by running the generate_grammar.py script, which will combine the different grammar files together and correctly set up the keyword files.
77fa2019-11-160.02[Q/L/E]Add new cleaned up version of gram.y
7ec12019-11-150.02[Q/L/E]Revert back to old grammar for now, C++ flex is broken and C flex does not work with C++ bison, Postgres also relies heavily on a specific old version of bison being used (2.3) which does not have good C++ support. For now we will keep using the C bison, have to start stripping again.
86422019-11-150.02[Q/L/E]Adding Floating Point tests
73c62019-11-140.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into float
fc812019-11-120.02[Q/L/E]Read-only mode and shutdown for R client (#348) * added read_only flag to dbConnect * reworked parameters for R client * test case for multi read only db * fix for windows dir delete
fc7e2019-11-120.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #335 from jameslamb/misc/r_dependencies [R-package] updated handling of dependencies in the R package
11ee2019-11-120.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #343 from ankoh/master Add cmake install targets
bdcf2019-11-110.03[Q/L/E]add C-API duckdb_bind_null
8cb22019-11-110.03[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #347 from suketa/add_capi_duckdb_bind_null add C-API duckdb_bind_null
a04e2019-11-110.02[Q/L/E]Only export the cmake package if the templates exist
20542019-11-110.02[Q/L/E]Split export set for CMake versions < 3.13
1f5c2019-11-110.02[Q/L/E]one more fix
70842019-11-110.03[Q/L/E]tiny changes
ea7b2019-11-110.02[Q/L/E]Add one more Join function to StringUtil and code refactoring
867a2019-11-090.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #344 from hyperxor/add_parser_unit_tests Add parser unit tests
6e212019-11-080.02[Q/L/E]Add parser unit tests
dc252019-11-080.02[Q/L/E]Support for ARM64 on Travis (#329) Run only TPCH for now
e68a2019-11-080.02[Q/L/E]Working initial version of amalgamation: only concatenates duckdb files currently (todo: concat third party libraries as well)
bf132019-11-080.02[Q/L/E]Add initial amalgamation script and fix various issues with compiling individual files
21ec2019-11-070.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #342 from cwida/prepfix Invalid operator state in prepared statements
cb472019-11-070.03[Q/L/E]fixed a bug with operator state in prepared statements
89e72019-11-070.03[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #341 from cwida/moveheaders Move headers to duckdb subdirectory
ef912019-11-060.02[Q/L/E]fixed r client
47472019-11-060.02[Q/L/E]Also commit benchmark directory
21fc2019-11-060.02[Q/L/E]Add a test that aliases result in proper result names
5cb62019-11-060.02[Q/L/E]Merge pull request #333 from cwida/buffermanager Add a working Buffer Manager
97992019-11-060.03[Q/L/E]added missing include
499c2019-11-060.03[Q/L/E]Add missing include for Windows
63a22019-11-060.02[Q/L/E]Fix after merge with master
a88a2019-11-050.02[Q/L/E]Properly update cardinality on appends
289a2019-11-040.02[Q/L/E]Disable query verification for SQL Server tests: they have ambiguous functions (e.g. window function with ORDER BY that has many duplicates), these can potentially have different rules in unoptimized/optimized case
5c512019-11-040.02[Q/L/E]Move temporary table/normal table switch code into catalog instead of duplicated in several locations
0f9b2019-11-040.02[Q/L/E]Properly initialize column scan segment even if initial chunks are skipped
303a2019-11-040.03[Q/L/E]Default to DEFAULT_SCHEMA instead of INVALID_SCHEMA for copy statements
f35e2019-11-040.02[Q/L/E]Fix for compilation after merge
038e2019-11-040.03[Q/L/E]Correctly handle destroying evicted buffers as well
bbd02019-11-040.03[Q/L/E]Allow setting of the memory limit dynamically through e.g. PRAGMA memory_limit=1GB, and fix some issues with correctly destroying unused buffers after tables are dropped.
ba962019-11-020.02[Q/L/E]Keep lock on indexes for entirety of append to prevent a row from being appended to the index and then read by another thread before it is actually appended to the base table
19162019-11-020.02[Q/L/E]Properly free locks when insert into UNIQUE index fails
19b92019-11-020.02[Q/L/E]Fix for concurrent appends to index: obtain append lock BEFORE initializing the scan to ensure we do not miss any freshly appended rows
aa212019-11-020.03[Q/L/E]Always keep enough space for pointers to overflow blocks in string segments
b2c12019-11-010.03[Q/L/E]Fix for using correct base_row in delete/updates after reload from disk
fd662019-11-010.02[Q/L/E]Fix another test for the new transaction behavior
38632019-11-010.02[Q/L/E]Adapt tests to properly rollback aborted transactions
cd912019-11-010.02[Q/L/E]Exceptions thrown in a transaction abort that transaction (except for Parser, Binder and Catalog exceptions)
739c2019-11-010.02[Q/L/E]Set correct row id flag in version manager when appending to an existing database
6fec2019-11-010.02[Q/L/E]Use correct base_row for writing deletes to WAL
212e2019-11-010.03[Q/L/E]Use correct current_row for persistent row scan
089c2019-11-010.02[Q/L/E]Fix issue of appending to persistent segments after reloading database and add test case for index creation on persistent data
11472019-11-010.02[Q/L/E]Fix for reading/writing temporary buffers to disk
be632019-11-010.03[Q/L/E]Re-add support for storing strings bigger than a single block on disk
ed592019-10-310.02[Q/L/E]Support in-place updating of persistent segments by converting the disk-backed segment to a transient in-memory one
79e62019-10-310.02[Q/L/E]Avoid using a templated class when only a single member function needs to be templated
b9482019-10-310.02[Q/L/E]Properly write updates to the WAL
b0212019-10-310.02[Q/L/E]Unify transaction handling in numeric and string segments
1a3a2019-10-300.02[Q/L/E]Fix issue of serializing chunks with selection vectors
06ac2019-10-300.02[Q/L/E]Move storage constants to constants.hpp and differentiate more clearly between BLOCK_SIZE (excluding checksum) and BLOCK_ALLOC_SIZE (including checksum)
1ba72019-10-300.02[Q/L/E]Storage working again for numeric columns
b4b32019-10-300.03[Q/L/E]Unify BufferHandle code for Block and ManagedBuffer
53942019-10-300.02[Q/L/E]Unify transient and persistent infrastructure pt1
cd872019-10-300.03[Q/L/E]Change TableDataWriter to write data using UncompressedSegments
d1fa2019-10-280.02[Q/L/E]Remove ColumnData reference from uncompressed segment
2bbd2019-10-190.02[Q/L/E]Add big string tests to big_update and fix bug in string segment update merging
6d7e2019-10-180.02[Q/L/E]Allocate exactly BLOCK_SIZE space for numeric segments as well
86b42019-10-180.02[Q/L/E]Also add tests with multiple concurrent updates
8b142019-10-180.02[Q/L/E]Properly fetch updated data in index fetch + add test case
06442019-10-170.02[Q/L/E]Support individual row fetch for string columns
78d32019-10-170.02[Q/L/E]Also move scan code into base uncompressed segment
693a2019-10-170.02[Q/L/E]Unify code for base table fetch for numeric/string segments
c2752019-10-170.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into buffermanager
0bc02019-10-170.02[Q/L/E]Merge some duplicate code in numeric segment
601c2019-10-160.02[Q/L/E]Fix off-by-one in string writing and add tests for big and many string update
35bc2019-10-160.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into buffermanager
06fb2019-10-110.02[Q/L/E]Properly support rollback of updates to string columns
9fce2019-10-110.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into buffermanager
2afd2019-10-100.02[Q/L/E]Properly merge multiple different string updates in the same transaction
b80d2019-10-100.02[Q/L/E]Fix for update of string column to NULL and add test case
1dbf2019-10-100.02[Q/L/E]Store string_location_t in UndoBuffer instead of storing the actual strings, and add support for rollback of string updates
3fde2019-10-090.02[Q/L/E]Merge branch 'master' into buffermanager
53992019-10-070.02[Q/L/E]fixing gcc build
199c2019-09-12!Semi-working transaction local storage that gets merged into base table on commit, needs fixes for unique constraints/indexes
8b5a2019-09-060.79[Q/L/E]Add benchmark for bulk updates/deletions