DuckCon 2023 – 2nd edition

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Pedro Holanda2022-11-25

The DuckDB team is excited to invite you all for our second DuckCon user group meeting. It will take place the day before FOSDEM in Brussels on Feb 3rd, 2023, at the Hilton Hotel.

In this edition, we will have the DuckDB creators Hannes Mühleisen, and Mark Raasveldt, talking about the current state of DuckDB and future plans. We will also have one talk regarding building out-of-tree extensions from DuckDB contributors Pedro Holanda, and Sam Ansmink and one invited talk from MotherDuck's Founding Engineers, Boaz Leskes and Yves Le Maout. In addition, we will have a session with lightning talks from our users. We will close the event with a networking session with food and drinks where users are invited to interact directly with the DuckDB team.


Time Talks + Video Presenters
15:00 Welcome to DuckCon! – Setting up  
15:10 Introductions  
15:15 State of the Duck Hannes Mühleisen & Mark Raasveldt
16:00 DuckDB Extensions: The Power of the Sun, in the Palm of My Hand Pedro Holanda & Sam Ansmink
16:35 MotherDuck: What does it take to put DuckDB in the Cloud? Boaz Leskes & Yves Le Maout
17:10 LakeFS ❤️ DuckDB Oz Katz
17:15 Using DuckDBArrowFlight to Power a Feature Store Till Döhmen
17:25 Integrating DuckDB with Fluvio Sehyo Chang
17:30 Foods + Drinks  

State of the Duck. Hannes and Mark will talk about recent developments and new features of DuckDB – as well as future plans and goals.

DuckDB Extensions: The Power of the Sun, in the Palm of My Hand. DuckDB supports various data scanners (e.g., Parquet, CSV, Arrow, JSON) and (up to now) 543 scalar/aggregation functions. However, domain-specific tasks frequently require specialized scanners and functions. For example, to properly support Geo operations, one must implement intersect functions and be able to scan .shx Shapefiles. In this talk, we will give an overview of how flexible extensions are in DuckDB and demonstrate how users can quickly get started on their own by using our extension scaffolding.

MotherDuck: What does it take to put DuckDB in the Cloud? DuckDB is our favorite in-process database for analytics, but what does it mean to be in-process, in the Cloud? In this talk, we will cover how a Cloud-based DuckDB backend can complement your on-laptop DuckDB experience (think collaboration, data reduction, persistence, fast S3 access, and more). We will talk about MotherDuck's architecture, the extensions to DuckDB we had to make, and plans for the future. Expect an engineering-oriented talk with ample opportunity for deep dives.


Attendance is free. Please register on our meetup page since we have a limit on the number of spots.

Submitting Lightning Talks

We will have a 20-minute slot for lightning talks, where our users are invited to show and tell anything DuckDB-related. Since we have a limited time window, we will have a call for the talks. Please submit your lightning talks here. The deadline for submitting a talk is the 22nd of January. You will get a response if the talk was accepted or not on the 25th of January.