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1.0 (stable)
SET/RESET Statements

The SET statement modifies the provided DuckDB configuration option at the specified scope.


Update the memory_limit configuration value:

SET memory_limit = '10GB';

Configure the system to use 1 thread:

SET threads = 1;

Or use the TO keyword:

SET threads TO 1;

Change configuration option to default value:

RESET threads;

Retrieve configuration value:

SELECT current_setting('threads');

Set the default catalog search path globally:

SET GLOBAL search_path = 'db1,db2'

Set the default collation for the session:

SET SESSION default_collation = 'nocase';


SET updates a DuckDB configuration option to the provided value.


The RESET statement changes the given DuckDB configuration option to the default value.


Configuration options can have different scopes:

  • GLOBAL: Configuration value is used (or reset) across the entire DuckDB instance.
  • SESSION: Configuration value is used (or reset) only for the current session attached to a DuckDB instance.
  • LOCAL: Not yet implemented.

When not specified, the default scope for the configuration option is used. For most options this is GLOBAL.


See the Configuration page for the full list of configuration options.

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Last modified: 2024-06-21