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Function Syntax

Query Functions

The duckdb_functions() table function shows the list of functions currently built into the system.

SELECT DISTINCT ON(function_name)
FROM duckdb_functions()
WHERE function_type = 'scalar' AND function_name LIKE 'b%'
ORDER BY function_name;
function_name function_type return_type parameters parameter_types description
bar scalar VARCHAR [x, min, max, width] [DOUBLE, DOUBLE, DOUBLE, DOUBLE] Draws a band whose width is proportional to (x - min) and equal to width characters when x = max. width defaults to 80
base64 scalar VARCHAR [blob] [BLOB] Convert a blob to a base64 encoded string
bin scalar VARCHAR [value] [VARCHAR] Converts the value to binary representation
bit_count scalar TINYINT [x] [TINYINT] Returns the number of bits that are set
bit_length scalar BIGINT [col0] [VARCHAR] NULL
bit_position scalar INTEGER [substring, bitstring] [BIT, BIT] Returns first starting index of the specified substring within bits, or zero if it is not present. The first (leftmost) bit is indexed 1
bitstring scalar BIT [bitstring, length] [VARCHAR, INTEGER] Pads the bitstring until the specified length

Currently, the description and parameter names of functions are not available in the duckdb_functions() function.

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