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1.0 (stable)
Import from Pandas

CREATE TABLE ... AS and INSERT INTO can be used to create a table from any query. We can then create tables or insert into existing tables by referring to referring to the Pandas DataFrame in the query. There is no need to register the DataFrames manually – DuckDB can find them in the Python process by name thanks to replacement scans.

import duckdb
import pandas

# Create a Pandas dataframe
my_df = pandas.DataFrame.from_dict({'a': [42]})

# create the table "my_table" from the DataFrame "my_df"
# Note: duckdb.sql connects to the default in-memory database connection
duckdb.sql("CREATE TABLE my_table AS SELECT * FROM my_df")

# insert into the table "my_table" from the DataFrame "my_df"
duckdb.sql("INSERT INTO my_table SELECT * FROM my_df")

If the order of columns is different or not all columns are present in the DataFrame, use INSERT INTO ... BY NAME:

duckdb.sql("INSERT INTO my_table BY NAME SELECT * FROM my_df")

See Also

DuckDB also supports exporting to Pandas.

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Last modified: 2024-07-22