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1.0 (stable)
Iceberg Extension

The iceberg extension is a loadable extension that implements support for the Apache Iceberg format.

Installing and Loading

To install and load the iceberg extension, run:

INSTALL iceberg;
LOAD iceberg;


To test the examples, download the file and unzip it.

Querying Individual Tables

SELECT count(*)
FROM iceberg_scan('data/iceberg/lineitem_iceberg', allow_moved_paths = true);

The allow_moved_paths option ensures that some path resolution is performed, which allows scanning Iceberg tables that are moved.

You can also address specify the current manifest directly in the query, this may be resolved from the catalog prior to the query, in this example the manifest version is a UUID.

SELECT count(*)
FROM iceberg_scan('data/iceberg/lineitem_iceberg/metadata/02701-1e474dc7-4723-4f8d-a8b3-b5f0454eb7ce.metadata.json');

This extension can be paired with the httpfs extension to access Iceberg tables in object stores such as S3.

SELECT count(*)
FROM iceberg_scan('s3://bucketname/lineitem_iceberg/metadata/02701-1e474dc7-4723-4f8d-a8b3-b5f0454eb7ce.metadata.json', allow_moved_paths = true);

Access Iceberg Metadata

FROM iceberg_metadata('data/iceberg/lineitem_iceberg', allow_moved_paths = true);
manifest_path manifest_sequence_number manifest_content status content file_path file_format record_count
lineitem_iceberg/metadata/10eaca8a-1e1c-421e-ad6d-b232e5ee23d3-m1.avro 2 DATA ADDED EXISTING lineitem_iceberg/data/00041-414-f3c73457-bbd6-4b92-9c15-17b241171b16-00001.parquet PARQUET 51793
lineitem_iceberg/metadata/10eaca8a-1e1c-421e-ad6d-b232e5ee23d3-m0.avro 2 DATA DELETED EXISTING lineitem_iceberg/data/00000-411-0792dcfe-4e25-4ca3-8ada-175286069a47-00001.parquet PARQUET 60175

Visualizing Snapshots

FROM iceberg_snapshots('data/iceberg/lineitem_iceberg');
sequence_number snapshot_id timestamp_ms manifest_list
1 3776207205136740581 2023-02-15 15:07:54.504 lineitem_iceberg/metadata/snap-3776207205136740581-1-cf3d0be5-cf70-453d-ad8f-48fdc412e608.avro
2 7635660646343998149 2023-02-15 15:08:14.73 lineitem_iceberg/metadata/snap-7635660646343998149-1-10eaca8a-1e1c-421e-ad6d-b232e5ee23d3.avro


Writing (i.e., exporting to) Iceberg files is currently not supported.